November 11, 2015

NLI Week 2016-2017

Before we get ourselves fully entrenched in bracing for the inevitable disappointments that the 2016 NCAA season will bring, it's time to take a moment to gaze with dewy-eyed optimism and childlike wonder at the possibilities resting on the post-Olympic horizon. Beginning today (Wednesday) and for the next week-ish, schools will reveal which gymnasts will join their teams for the 2017 season by confirming the completely informed and totally sensible verbal commitments those gymnasts made right before preschool graduation. You know, when you're thinking about college. 

I'll be updating this list with the various schools' press releases as they announce their incoming gymnasts' NLI signings. Now to review, NLI stands for Nine Long-term Injuries and is the document gymnasts sign to acknowledge that they are under no circumstances going to be healthy enough to compete four whole years of college gymnastics. But in real life, it stands for National Letter of Intent, and it signals an end to the recruiting process by confirming a gymnast's commitment to attend the school in question. Once a gymnast signs an NLI, the choice of school is official, unlike the previously announced verbal commitments that can and do change.

The verbal commitment is kind of like when you run into a tiring acquaintance a party and they say, "We should do something sometime," and you're like, "Yeah, that would be great, we should" but barely mean it and can always back out when you think of a good excuse. But signing the NLI is like when that tiring acquaintance texts you to say, "You're coming to dinner on Friday, right?" and you actually have to do it now because specific plans have been made. Just as a random example. 

So, let's find out who has to go to dinner on Friday.

OKLAHOMA - Release
Maggie Nichols, Jade Degouveia, Brehanna Showers

Alex Marks also signs to come aboard immediately to round out "Operation No Brenna."

“This signing class is literally giving me goosebumps." We're gonna need a bigger swag-o-meter.

UTAH - Release
MyKayla Skinner (previously signed), Missy Reinstadtler, Kim Tessen

Madison Copiak, Michaela Nelson, Maya Washington

FLORIDA - Release
Alyssa Baumann, Amelia Hundley, Rachel Gowey, Maegan Chant

This is the "your job is to replace Bridget Sloan, so no pressure" group, and it will be the strongest of the 2017 classes, along with UCLA's. Just get the duct tape and staple gun ready.

PENN STATE - Release
Tess McCracken, Kristen Politz, Mikayla Waddell

MARYLAND - Release
Kirsten Peterman, Alecia Farina

ALABAMA - Release
Maddie Desch, Wynter Childers, Shea Mahoney

ILLINOIS - Release
Karen Howell, Lindsay Dwyer, Rae Balthazor

Lucy Jones, Megan Tripp

Courtney McGregor, Isabella Amado, McKinley Pavicic

Hannah Swoish, Hunter Vincent

MICHIGAN - Release
Polina Shchennikova, Lexi Funk, Maddy Osman, Maggie O'Hara

CAL - Release
Cassidy Keelen, Rachael Mastrangelo

ARIZONA - Release
Heather Swanson, Courtney Cowles, Christina Berg

STANFORD - Release
Kaylee Cole

NC STATE - Release
Alexis Beucler, Melissa Brooker (for 2016-2017)
Paris Phillips, Alexa Phillips (for 2015-2016)

Ally Hoyer

UCLA - Release
Grace Glenn, Anna Glenn

Hmmm, that sure is two people instead of the class of 1700 million we were promised, but there are some previously signed gymnasts along with some spring signings that will round things out. Allegedly.

GEORGIA - Release
Sabrina Vega, Jordyn Pederson, Rachel Dickson

The big question was when the ghost of Sabrina Vega would officially be able to begin, and now it looks like she'll finally start in the 2017 season. I'm just glad she got on the NCAA wagon at last.

I thought Jordyn Pederson signed last year and just deferred, but whatever. She's coming. 

DENVER - Release
Samantha Ogden, Maddie Karr, Courtney Loper

Kassidy Cumber, Julia Merwin (walkon)

MISSOURI - Release
Alyssa Johnson, Rachel Ley, Aspen Tucker 

SOUTHERN UTAH - Release 1, Release 2, Release 3
Madison McBride, Megan McBride, Autumn Jorgensen, Becky Rozsa

IOWA STATE - Release
Laura Burns, Emily White, Riley Walsh, Molly Russ

Rebecca Taylor, Kristen Quaglia (scholarship)
Ivy Lu, Casey Betts, Ryan Stach (walkon)

Amanda Arnold, Hollie Minichiello, Emili Dobronics

SEMO - Release
Megan Dennis, Courteney Taylor

Isis Lowery, Brianna McCant

LSU - Release
Ruby Harrold, Kennedi Edney, Ashlyn Kirby

KENTUCKY - Release
Alaina Kwan, Erynne Allen, Katrina Coca


  1. Florida has announced Maegan Chant, Alyssa Baumann, Amelia Hundley, and Rachel Gowey. Which....daaaang. That's going to be hard to beat. And that should help with bars quite nicely.

  2. Anna and Grace Glenn signed for UCLA, per Twitter :)

  3. so 2017 for UCLA is supposed to be the Glenn twins and then maybe Kocian and Ross? How does that work?

  4. 2017 UCLA: Kocian and Ross signed last year and deferred for a year. The question mark is around Nica Hults and Felicia Hano - they weren't included in the release... Is that what you mean by spring signings?

  5. lol, I love that on Oklahoma's release they list all of the schools their recruits turned down to come to OU