December 29, 2011

Champions Battle: Balance Beam

2011 Beam Champion - Sam Peszek

2010 Beam Champion - Susan Jackson

2009 Beam Champion - Courtney Kupets 

2008 Beam Champion - Grace Taylor

2007 Beam Champion - Ashley Postell

Who wins this round?


  1. Ashley Postell!! The only girl on the list with a world gold medal as well :)

  2. Grace Taylor by a mile. The others are great, but I think Grace is one of the best beamers ever in NCAA.

  3. Taylor then Kupets a distant 2nd.

  4. Agree--Grace Taylor. But wow, what a lot of great rock solid routines with a bit of flair and hard skills. What an impressive group. Thanks, as this is fun looking at them side by side.