March 5, 2012

Monday Rankings

National Rankings for March 5, 2012
1. Florida – 197.330
2. Oklahoma – 197.310
3. UCLA – 197.085
4. Alabama – 196.925
5. Georgia – 196.915
6. Nebraska – 196.795
7. Utah – 196.555
8. Arkansas – 196.545
9. Oregon State – 196.405
9. LSU – 196.405
11. Stanford – 196.205
12. Penn State – 195.995
13. Ohio State – 195.940
14. Missouri – 195.790
15. Boise State – 195.750
16. Auburn – 195.735
17. Arizona – 195.525
18. Minnesota – 195.470
19. Illinois – 195.360
20. Michigan – 195.345
21. NC State – 195.335
22. Denver – 195.270
23. Arizona State – 195.145
24. Washington – 195.025
25. Kentucky – 194.930

Thoughts after the jump:
  • Home stretch time now. With the lead they have and the scores they are consistently producing, Florida and Oklahoma appear to have locked up the top two spots. Since Florida is on a bye this coming weekend, Oklahoma has an opportunity to take over the top spot (they'll need a 197.325 @ UCLA to do it). Oklahoma started slowly against Alabama on Friday, but they came back on floor to win and solidify their position in terms of reputation and expectation going into the postseason. They have a chance to do it again this weekend, and they need to since they do not have the built-in national respect that the championship schools do.
  • UCLA is now in a precarious position since they have only one meet remaining in the regular season while the next few schools in the rankings all have two, meaning that Georgia and Alabama will like their chances to move up. Though UCLA may be relishing that late bye so that they can get people like Sam Peszek rested and healthy for the postseason. They really missed her 9.875 consistency in the AA last weekend.
  • I think our current top six is solid and unlikely to change before Regionals (especially given the way Utah has been scoring), so they should be our top 6 seeds. It will be fun to watch the posturing of the #3 seeds, which will be the biggest determining factor as to which Regionals are the most interesting. Ohio State has scored well a few times, and Auburn will be hosting, so they are the most important ones to watch. Wouldn't you love an Alabama/LSU/Auburn Regional? It's very possible.
  • Utah and Arkansas have been stuck at these same scores for weeks now. Stagnation is a huge red flag. Arkansas has lost Salsberg for the season, but they still have a chance to contend if they get Grable back on all the events. Unfortunately, it looks like a classic case of peaking too soon.

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