April 17, 2014

Wake Up, It's Nationals Tomorrow

-A few bits and pieces first. The late (aka, regular) NLI signing period started yesterday, so be on the lookout for some commitment news over the next week or so. Already, we've heard that Natalie Vaculik is heading to Georgia for 2014-2015. There was some discussion about her trying for the Olympics, but she's going now instead. She'll take the scholarship spot that was to be Brianna Brown's before she switched to Michigan. Georgia's bars strength has a dominant road in front of it for the long term - Natalie has her sister's gienger.

-As mentioned yesterday, Emily Wong won the AAI Award this season. That was a tough field. So many gems.

-Also, apropos of nothing, this why I enjoy Rhonda Faehn:

"I wasn't nervous, I was just panicked about having my pants."

But now here we are. The National Semifinals are tomorrow. These two semifinals will decide the six teams that advance to super six, the minimum-eight-maximum-a-trillion people advancing to event finals, and the national all-around champion. Both semifinal sessions will be streamed live here. (NOTE that the times listed are Central, even though it says Eastern. The sessions are at 1:00 CT and 7:00 CT.)

The rotation schedule.

If you haven't checked out the previews, here they are:
Georgia, Michigan, Stanford, and Illinois
Utah, UCLA, Nebraska, and Penn State
Florida, Oklahoma, LSU, Alabama

Elizabeth Grimsley reports that Brittany Rogers trained only bars for Georgia today and that Ashlyn Broussard was in on floor. Watch that Georgia beam. 

If you're looking for team scoresheets for each semifinal (regional scores included):
Semifinal #1
Semifinal #2

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  1. India McPeak (from Ireland) is headed to Michigan. Yay! - Markey