February 13, 2015

Friday Live Blog – Michigan, Florida, LSU, Auburn, Alabama

Friday, February 13
6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Michigan @ Michigan State (Scores) (CSL)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Missouri @ Florida (Scores) (ESPN3)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Denver @ West Virginia (Scores) (Stream)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Western Michigan @ Ball State (Stream)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Perfect 10 Challenge (Oklahoma, Kentucky)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – LSU @ Auburn (Scores) (ESPN3)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – SEMO, Illinois State @ Arkansas (Scores)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – TWU, Centenary @ Lindenwood (Scores)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Alaska, Winona State @ UW-Whitewater
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – Boise State @ Alabama (Scores) (ESPN3)
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – Chicago Style (Iowa State, Northern Illinois, Yale)   
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Southern Utah @ BYU (Scores) (BYUtv)
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Oregon State @ Cal (Scores)
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – San Jose State @ Sacramento State (Scores) (Stream)
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Seattle Pacific @ UC Davis (Scores)

Week 5 rankings:

Oklahoma's RQS is already 197.465, with a good chance to go much higher today since that RQS includes a 196.500. I love that they could just put up the football team on every event for the rest of the regular season and still be a #1 seed at Regionals. And by love, I mean think that's maybe a problem. It's almost that time of year where I get to start my usual ranting about how RQS should include more meets.

We're underway in the first rotation between Michigan and Michigan State now. Scores slow updating but it's a 9.875 for Sugiyama on bars, and an exceptionally clean hit for Brown to follow. They're trying to overcome a fall from Williams at the beginning.

Sheppard's tkatchev is huge as always and her straddle back is precise, handstands look solid - only major error was a large lunge forward on her double front, which is still causing her issues. They'll have to count that score because of Williams' error.

Michigan State has been getting solid distance on these yfulls, but they're much more piked than we see on the vaults from the top teams, which is mostly accounting for the later ones staying in the 9.7s.

Parker finishes for Michigan - takes her jaeger way way far and just fingertip catches it - a couple late turns (minorly late) and also a lunge forward on her double front, not as large as from Sheppard, but they're struggling with those so far. They didn't get nailed for them in the scores quite as much as I would expect, so it's still a respectable 49.200 for Michigan. Given a fall and two struggle dismounts, they'll be thrilled with that score. MSU gets a 48.675 on vault.

Brooke Parker starts for Michigan on vault, and it's not one of her better ones - some piking and a larger bounce back. More control from Brown to follow, though less distance than Parker - and some looser leg form. Michigan State has a little bit of start-from-a-dead-hang-itis on bars -
Chiarelli up third for Michigan - great distance and height but also bounces back pretty far. These aren't their best vaults so far.
Nice line from Gamelo on bars for MSU - but close on the straddle jaeger and a missed handstand right after - and then gets 1 centimeter off the ground on her double pike and falls.

Artz brings the best vault for Michigan so far - nice form and just the one medium step back. Still not the controlled landings, though.

Cartwright for MSU - pretty shaposh - solid bail - one missed handstand in there and a couple moments where the legs separated, but sticks the double tuck. Nice routine - step up from the previous ones clearly.

Strong 1.5 from Sugiyama - small step forward. She's on top of that vault this season.

Smith for MSU did a bigly big piked gienger - nice - but will get hit for a very late full turn. 

Hmmm - Sheppard finally came in on vault this week (!), but just did a yurchenko tucked half. Intentional? She looked grumpy afterward, so I'm guessing not the plan?

Burt finishes for MSU - also a big gienger but some sloppier legs - leg break on the bail and just hangs onto the handstand for it with an arch. It's piked gienger central for MSU, with another in exhibition. I'm not mad about it. Very typical of teams ranked around MSU is to have big releases on bars but lose the scores on handstands, feet, and legs form, and that's true here as well.

Michigan ends with a 49.075 on vault, which is low for them and almost entirely a product of uncontrolled landings. No sticks, and only Sugiyama with what I would consider a small step.  
After 2: Michigan 98.275, Michigan State 97.650 

It has been an off-ish day for Michigan so far. Not terrible, but not what they have been showing. Will be interesting to see how that translates to beam later on.

-Dynamic round off layout stepout from MSU on beam. More people should do that. MSU looking pretty secure in these first two beam routines - feet are an issue but wobbles aren't.

Williams starting for Michigan on floor - less control on the opening double pike than she has been showing - and then sits her middle pass. What is up with you today Michigan? She has been so solid this year, but a bad day for her so far with two falls.

Brown for Michigan - opens with a comfortable and controlled double pike - 1.5 to layout is OK - a little loose in the knees - leaps are solid from this angle - lowish chest on double tuck dismount. Our commentator needs us to know how hard it is to finish with a double tuck. 

Lagoski on beam gets great lift on her series - very nice - pretty big wobble after it, though - and then off the beam on her punch front - shame - the amplitude on her opening series was a highlight.

Parker opens with a strong double arabian - small slide on it but mostly controlled - split full and wolf full are OK - whoa went right up to the line on her 1.5 stepout to front full - basically finished on the side of the floor she was so off line - but stayed in - bounce back on double pike.

Double turn from MSU on beam from Westney - wobble - and a y spin right after - her leaps and spins are strong - definitely break connection between split and sissone - gainer layout dismount with a step - she's a turner and a leaper - and is good at it -

Sugiyama on floor now - just starts with a double tuck this week - it's great but that's a downgrade - front full to an arched front layout - strong double pike to finish - good control on that one - should be a solid score but I wonder why they brought her back to the double tuck -gets a 9.900, so equivalent score to what she has been getting.

Florida is starting soon but not underway yet.

Ryan on beam now for MSU - falls on her layout 2ft - so they're counting a fall now - high-interest moments in this rotation, though - especially from the people who have had mistakes.

Chiarelli - FX - great stick on the full in - right to the corner but nailed - 1.5 to layout also shows acceptable form and control - switch side and straddle full are both hit easily - solid double pike - low chest ish, but not majorly - very comfortable and secure hit.

Burt will finish on beam for MSU - small check on aerial - hits loso - very strong double full dismount with a stick. Best of the rotation.

Spicer for FL just a bounce in place on yfull -

Artz - FX - steps OOB on her piked full in - what was happened to you Nicole? You were all about the 9.950s at the beginning of the year! - layout to front full with a little bounce to pose - looks like she landed a little gingerly on her left foot on the double pike, but no issue - secure landing and she seems to feel fine.

Wang - FL - small shuffle back on yful. Also, Missouri is pretty legit in this bars rotation so far. Not the issues from the last time I saw them against LSU.

Return of Kennedy Baker on vault. I feel so much better. Great power and distance - small hop back.

Johnson for Missouri on bars keeps the trend going - clean work - it's a shame about the extremity of her college arch on landing her dismount because it thrust her back a million feet.

Kytra on vault - That's better than that ridiculous fall last week - not her best with a small hop to the side - maybe a little sloppier than the legs this time as well - but her height remains unreal.

Miller - Missouri - UB - slightly close on piked jaeger - and then arches a handstand after and has to come off - sadness - what's the point of anything? "She really needs to make sure she finishes this routine." Because there was a chance she wouldn't. Lovely DLO to finish.  

Everyone is getting 9.9s for Florida today because why not? McMurtry would have had a 10 with a stick, but a small hop back. Everything perfect except the landing.

Conkle - Missouri UB - good form on her gienger and a clean bail - a couple handstands were iffy - and a hop back on a clean DLO.

Michigan went 49.150 on floor after counting the OOB from Artz. Reflective of how the whole day has gone, but they should still be in the running for a mid 196 with a hit beam.

49.550 for Florida on vault. It's good to be home.They were flat last week, but have come out well so far. No sticks in that rotation, though, yes? I missed the first couple. Given the way the scores are going, they probably could have stuck for 49.7.

Michigan got a helpful score from Casanova in the first spot on beam for 9.800. Caught the end, which looked confidently hit.

Sugiyama - BB - good height on loso series, small check - a little crooked on the switch side - pike jump to back tuck is hit - very strong 2.5 dismount with a step - "really unique"

Second rotation getting underway for Florida and Missouri -  Baker back to leadoff on bars - big gymnastics - huge ray and pretty clean until the dismount - double front with a major cowboy and a hop forward equivalent to some of the Michigan double fronts. Today is not a great day for double fronts so far.

Lindsay Williams on BB - nice stag jump - secure and hit position - leg goes up on side aerial with a medium wobble - strong split full with hit position - secure loso series - she had the one wobble but she's saving her meet here - pretty big step on 1.5 dismount.

Back to McMurtry now on bars for Florida - NO LONGER ANCHORING - my stars! - looked slightly late on giant full - clean bail handstand - and the routine is already over after 1 skill - huge, excellent full in with a stick. Great dismount. 9.925.

Kappler - VT - higher landing than the previous yfulls for Missouri, but a bounce back.

BDG - UB - a little tight on her first handstand - shaposh to bail combo - just some questionable hs in here - sticks the DLO with the usual Alaina Johnson legs. Kupets just compared sticking to the contagiousness of a yawn. Suzanne? Is that you? That was classic Yoculan. 9.950. Because sure.

Brown on beam for Michigan nailing her split elements and loso series - solid enough on the side somi - somewhat tentative on full turn - aerial -

Hunter - close on her hindorff but no problem out of it - a little crooked coming in on the bail - very strong tuck full this time with a stick - a couple early issues but a much better dismount.

Miller VT - Missouri - she can land - good enough form in the air - maybe a little more piking this time? - small hop back

Caquatto - UB - great Ray - clean bail with legs together - hitting hs - and a stuck DLO. Strong routine. No major issues - more like what she was showing last season.

Artz - BB - Michigan - seeing second half of it - secure on the front toss but a little squatty - finishes with a stuck front 1.5. It really is a sign of the times that beam has been by far Michigan's best event tonight. Not really close. They're goung to get a serious 196 now, regardless of what Chiarelli does -

Florida remains over 198 pace with a 49.525 on bars. 

Chiarelli - BB - finishing hte meet - secure loso series - wobble on straddle jump 1/2 - major break on side aerial - bend in the hips - they won't count this score - sticks double tuck. Michigan will finish with a 196.725, which is not bad for an off meet, but won't help them make up any ground in the rankings, especially given Florida's 9.950 fest.

Kupets is showing us how to do a beam routine. Get out there, girl. We need you.

Florida will start with Baker on beam - falls onto herself on the beam on her wolf turn - blond-haried woman with the bade in the background was living that skill with her and died a little bit when she lost it - split jump was fine - next split was short, though - long pause before dismount - small hop forward on double tuck with another step to salute.

Kern - FX - fine double tuck - held onto it without a slide - legs on the middle pass - straddles are OK - finishes with a rudi -

They'll need to drop Baker's 9.550. Spicer hits her loso series - secure gainer loso - no major issues and a stuck gainer full - one of her usual hits -

Harris - FX - solid double tuck with a slide back - layout to front full with a step to the side and some messy legs - really good double tuck to finish.

Fassbender - BB - clean aeriala nd slow in connection to bhs but didn't break it - full turn - sheep is pretty college but hit - side aerial to layout full with small bounce.

Kappler - FX - punch rudi to bhs to layout stepout mount - hm - 1.5 to layout middle pass - pulls around layout - who doesn't use this music now? - It makes me feel seizures - secure double tuck dismount -

Boyce - BB - identical series to Fassbender - slow but not broken - strong bhs loso - right on - tentative on switch and did not hit 180 - good following split jump - sticks gainer full. 9.950. They are itching to give Florida a 198 tonight.

Conkle in on floor - 2.5 middle pass with a big crossover step to the side - hits rudi to finish -

McMurtry - BB -solid punch front - saves herself from a check well - loso series it hit - switch split was medium - almost a wobble on choreography there - 2.5 dismount with a hop back -

Schugel - FX - triple full with crossed legs but solid - crossed legs don't get deducted as we have learned from much experience - double full as well - she's a twister - every single pass -

Missed Kytra's beam routine, but it looks like one of the good ones. We're seeing a lot of 10-HANDS, though that means zero. 

Miller - FX - low on her double tuck with a large step but does stay in bounds -secure layout to full - 1.5 to layout was crazy from the start - suts it down and goes OOB. Bad day for her.

LSU and Auburn underway now - big hop forward from Webster on vault -
Savona - UB - good first hs and clean shposh - solid position on ail - shortish hs - the usual tkatchev - a couple borderline hs in here - bounce in place on DLO.

Florida is just going to have to be OK on floor to get the 198 tonight. Everyone is a 9.950.

Guy - VT - Amazing height as always - large bounce back on yfull - once the landing comes along...She's like "damn it!"

Gnat - UB - ok position on giant full - leg break on the big gienger and floppy on the bail - also with a few iffy handstands - not a lot of lift on the DLO but hit with a minor shuffle nothing -

Kluz - VT - pretty clean on the 1.5 - large step forward - but solid direction and maintains good body position -

Kupets is wearing a tiara. So that happened.

Zamardi - UB - hit shapiosh with leg break - clean pak - half turn on low bar (my arch nemesis) - half turn to khorkina - hits last hs - best double arabian dismount she has done that I've seen this year. Well done and finished earlier than sometimes.

Demers - VT - FYI, I'm developing a slight obsession with her - EXCELLENT Yfull - it's the me bump. stuck - great form and direction. Opens. Tremendous.  9.950.

Wyrick - UB - good first hs - strong full turn - hits tkatchev - clear hip - precise bail - last hs is short - step back on DLO - excellent start - a few issues creep in at the end - still should be a good score.

Atkinson - VT - Great 1.5 - great height and position - step forward, but the step is nearly all that will be taken from that vault.

Jordan - UB - half turn to high jaeger - good following hs - hits bail - dynamic shoot back to high bar - a couple short hs - small bounce back on DLO. The handstands are killing them so far in this rotation. Pretty much everyone has missed two.

Rott - VT - Another strong yfull - opens up - doesn't stick - small bounce back - WHY are you shouting 10? - still great. Three exceptional vaults to finish for Auburn. Also a 9.950, though Demers was better.

Courville - UB - great jaeger with the toe point - clean on the bail - strong shoot back to high bar with good counter rotation - sticks tuck full - best of the rotation by a wide margin. One iffy handstand, but this routine is so much better than her freshman year.

49.500 for Auburn on vault. Every other team is on notice now. LSU 49.250. Needed more of those handstands to hope for any more. Courville saved the rotation there.

Missouri is hitting beam for far through 2. This is going to be a hugely important road score for Missouri if they keep it going. This is why everyone loves coming to Florida.

Florida on floor now. How many 10s?

Wang - FX - very strong DLO - nailed it - layout to layout half is solid - she's had a few moments on floor this year but this looks solid so far - double pike was short as it looked from the behind angle - but not as short as it has been a few times this year.

Allbritten - BB - clean aerial to bhs - connection was similar to the Florida rotation - good splits - hits 180 - full turn - front toss secure - step back on gainer full - but good work before that -

Spicer - FX -  secure pike full in - the usual stagger - 1.5 to layout - steps back - short on split and wolf positions - secure double pike -

Hall - VT - clean yfull - medium hop back/to the side - small leg break in the air - 
Bri Guy shows off her huge tkatchev on bars - two steps back on the double tuck dismount though -

Ewing - VT - sticks the 1.5. Not much distance - but great form - looked like she was going to come in short but hung onto the stick.

Milliet - UB - toe on - Ray with great legs - strong pak looked like she would be close but she worked out of it - short on half turn on low bar - step back on double tuck - it's getting there.

Baker - FX - not the stick on the piked double arabian this team but not the bounce either - step and keeps it in bounds -
Ranzy returns to vault for LSU - Great full - tries to hang onto the stick but a step forward - landed chest down - needs a little more time with it -
Baker got a 10 from one judge, which is high given the landing on the first pass. 

Kopec - UB - Auburn - high jaeger but flexed feet - strong DLO with a stick. 

So clean from Hambrick on the yfull with a stick - great vault - lovely work -
Lost internet for a while in there, but I'm back.

Gnat - VT - Just the full today - not the DTY - finishes 8000 miles above the table - pretty big bounce back - too easy for her. Huh? 9.925? Is there a "you've done a DTY before" bonus I didn't know about?

Walker on bars now - very clean pak - a few people having issues with half turns on the low bar - great DLO dismount with a small twitch with one foot. 

Courville - VT - the usual with a small shuffle of the feet. 

In other news, Oklahoma nailed vault but had a couple issues on bars, so they're on easy 197 pace so far but not 198 pace.
Atkinson had a few moments on handstands this time, but the dismount was excellent as usual. Not her cleanest, but solid.

Caquatto finishing for Florida on floor with a big bounce back on her double pike to end.

Let's talk about what DD is wearing.
After 2: LSU 98.825, Auburn 98.700 
Alabama and Boise State are underway as well. Katie Bailey just stuck her yhalf very well.

Krentz - UB - BSU - finsihes full turn vertically - hit taktchev - clean bail - last handstand was borderline - ACK! Did you see that fall? - She  released for the dismount - hit her legs on the DLO and fell backward toward the low bar - thankfully her head missed the low bar and she's fine. Scary moment, though.

C Sims - VT - strong enough yfull - feet - medium step back -

Morris up next on bars for BSU - very strong routine - good form throughout, small step on tuck full -

Clark - VT - medium step back on the full - not the usual stick we expect from her - but solid in the air - Bailey the class of this rotation so far.

Mejia - UB - BSU - good full turn - solid gienger though not huge - clean bail - hitting handstands - step back on tuck full - competitive - should be easily 9.8s.

Kadous - BB - Auburn - lovely switch to gainer loso in the middle here - hits loso series and sticks gainer full - nice
Beers - VT - Bama - very similar to Clark there - medium step back on an otherwise strong yfull -  better distance and leg form though

Jacobsen - UB - BSU - strong piked jaeger - a bit of an angle on the bail - clean final hs - small shuffle on the DLO but near stick -

Savona - FX - Johnny Pothead in the background loves this routine - solid 1.5 to double back mount - not sticking the way she often does but controlled steps - slide back on final pass -
Williams - VT - Bama - big height as always - still doing the 1.5 - small hop - loses the legs at the end a bit

That was a huge tuck full to finish from Boise State there from Perkins. Nailed. Also a great tkatchev in there with pointed toes.

Milliet - BB - Keeping up the Auburn trend of real sheep jumps -pretty big wobble on bhs loso series - bends at hips -short on aerial but holds onto it well without a serious check - 1.5 dismount with small step. Still a tight routine from her, but a hit.

Wrapping things up - Florida's score was a 198.225, the highest on the season so far. Not surprising after the scores we saw flying.

Wyrick - FX - Fine double pike mount - half to layouts middle pass - not the full contingent on floor today for LSU - hits leaps - some low chest issues here - including on the double tuck - 

Demers - BB - good full turn - clean loso - short switch to sheep with a wobble and the leg flies up - side aerial to very short layout full with a lunge forward. Shame. She's 9.900 capable on this event but not today.

Ewing - FX - solid front double full to start - full to layout middle pass - lands her passes securely - hits her straddles - and same with the double pike to finish - very controlled routine - just some small issues in the leg form etc.

Guy - BB - good full turn - hits switch side well this time - solid loso series as well - giving away nothing so far - switch to straddle jump - excellent aerial - sticks gainer pike - one of her good ones -

MCNeer - UB - Bama - clean start - looked short on the bail handstand - hitting her cast handstands and a stick/near-stick on DLO.

Gnat - FX - Big DLO with a very good landing - 2.5 to front tuck is great as well - stuck dismount as well "She took a stick pill before this competition." Oh Kathy. One of her best routines.
Jetter for Alabama broke the double front curse a little bit with a solid one - just a medium step back - and the rest of the routine was nice.

Boise State giving things away on these uncontrolled vault landings.

Bailey on UB now - love her new composition and sticks the full out - she's on it now - this has turned into a 9.9 level routine.
Strong hit from Walker on beam - squatty front, but the rest was excellent.

Courville - amazing stick on double arabian - no trouble there now - I still can't with the iTunes vomit on this routine, couple steps back on the double pike middle pass - shame - strong landing on double back - held onto it -

Atkinson - BB - very strong loso series - secure - aerial is hit as well - nice switch to wolf - just the 1.5 dismount this time - they needed the big score from her so they played it safe - but she ended up taking a hop, which she doesn't always do on double pike.

Hall - FX - very strong DLO - looked like she would stick it but bounced up a little on it - switch side to straddle jump 1/1 - 1/5 to stuck layout - bounces back on the double tuck but otherwise it was one of her usual good ones - did well to control the bounce and not go OOB though.

Big bars rotation for Alabama. Their best landings of the season so far to open up a pretty big lead over Boise State. Bailey was the class of that rotation. That was excellent.

Missed opportunity for LSU on floor, with Hall and Courville each having one iffy pass. Auburn is in this thing.

LSU 148.075 to Auburn 147.975. Who had it this close? Auburn has to show up on floor this week, and LSU has to keep it going on beam. Usually when things are this close, you give it to the team on floor, but this LSU beam rotation...it's formidable.

Is Oklahoma finally having on off meet? They still look good for an easy 197, much like Florida last week, but a lot of 9.7 and 9.800s creeping in on bars and beam, which we haven't seen. Even Capps got just a 9.850 on beam.

We haven't had very many exciting top-10 meets so far this year, so thank you LSU and Auburn. Jessie Jordan talks about "being able to sit out" - like it was a great experience. Oh NCAA. You can say you're disappointed about something.

Elsewhere - Kayla Williams just had a big wobble on her punch front. Boo.

Ewing - BB - sticks bhs layout 2ft - long pause before but it was worth it - hits switch side - full turn is tight but fine - layout stepout to straddle 1/4 - slow work but hit - step forward on 1.5.

Walker - FX - low chest on double tuck with step forward - switch ring split full - whip to double full with a bounce - rudi to split jump - hit but issues -

Hambrick - BB - tentative on that L turn - uncharacteristically drops her leg before finish - tight side aerial with a small check - switch to straddle 1/4 - this is more nervous than she competed last week - very nice loso series - pretty - couple small steps on 2/1 dismount.

Webster - FX - solid piked full in - little nudge to the side on landing and the usual stagger - 1.5 to layout is clean - secure double tuck with low chest -

Boise State having a floor-tastrophe so far -

Macadaeg - BB - full turn - switch to switch half brilliant - aerial to straddle - slow connection with a check after the straddle - loso series was hit and a stuck gainer pike. Nice. Not as strong as last week but good.

Kluz - FX - high full in - large-ish step back but no slide there - layout to full is clean in the air - straddle jump full wolf jump full - solid double tuck - that should keep up the scoring pace -

Missed what happened at Alabama - but there's a Boise State gymnast on the ground in tears. Anyone see what happened?

Gnat - BB - small check on aerial but managed to cover and connect into beat jump - switch to straddle 1/4 - she's just having small small hesitations but it's hit - switch side slightly crooked - very strong loso series - sticks the double full dismount - good stronger as the routine went on -

LSU just holding onto the lead for now -

Rott - FX - Sticks her DLO - very nice - split full to straddle jump full - just layouts to pike middle pass - very slightly low on double pike - and I'd like to see more difficulty in the middle pass, but that was the best of the rotation so far and very strong -

Courville time now - L turn is hit - Arabian time - NOOO - huge break but she stayed on - but that's a major deduction - they'll need to drop this now - wobble on loso as well - switch to split are both lovely small pause in connecting - excellent aerial to sissone - stuck gainer full -

Demers - FX - slides back on full in mount - both teams giving a little back in the fifth spot - wolf full and straddle full are excellent - layout to front full and dances out of it - another small bounce on double pike - great elements but did give away some bits on the landings - still advantage Auburn after the Courville mistake. 

Jordan - BB - All about the Jordan now - holds onto side somi well - excellent loso series - switch split to straddle 1.4 - she's nailing this routine - clean aerial after long long pause - small twitch on 1.5 dismount - did what she could do.

That's what LSU needed. Auburn needed Atkinson tonight. This must be KILLING her.

Hlawek - Auburn - FX - Need 9.875 for the tie 9.900 for the win.Big double arabian - keeps in in bounds with a step back - short on double pike middle pass with a lunge forward - shame - bounces landing her tuck jump as well but the splits were strong - front full to front tuck with a slide.Well done for her to hit.
If we're being fair, that should not get the score.It doesn't. 9.800.

FINAL: LSU 197.350, Auburn 197.300

Phew! I need to decompress. Most exciting meet of the season so far.

We still have one rotation to go with Alabama and Boise State. It's not close after the BSU disaster on floor, but Albama is currently on pace for a very high 197, so watch out for that with this floor rotation.

Lora Leigh Frost is the Star Watch on this broadcast on floor, but isn't she not in the lineup tonight? Oops.

Oklahoma finished with a 197.275 after a strong floor rotation.

Mejia - BB - BSU - strong side aerial to bhs - switch is OK - small check on side aerial to side position - 1.5 dismount with hop forward.

Dennis - FX - Bama - strong double pike and secure landing - "permanent smile plastered on her face" is that a compliment? - bounces landing her jumps - layout to front full - very strong double tuck with controlled landing - good opening and finish there -

Josbacher - BB - opens with the loso series - tuck jump full - some very minor checks early - switch to layout stepout - 1.5 dismount step forward - small issues of tightness throughout but no significant errors -

Bailey - FX - strong arabian with a controlled step forward - I like to see her do that pass - she has Milliner potential with it when she's comfortable - layout to layout full - crossed legs rudi to finish - strong work -

Morris - BB - three series to loso is hit but mushy legs - full turn - straddle jump full doesn't hit 180 - double full dismount step back - secure routine - some issues of form -

Jetter - FX - It's good to see her on this event. She really should be doing more than one piece as a college gymnast - double arabian with a lunge forward - stays in - 1.5 to front full - she has been doing that pass for a thousand millennia - 1.5 to layout final pass -

Our commentators have no idea who is on beam now, but I can't criticize because I don't either - three series to loso with a wobble - full turn - leaps are certainly not a strength - she just did a Kim Kelly star jump 1/4 - front full dismount is fine with step forward -

C Sims - DLO to start - nice - better chest position this week - a little slide - front full front pike is solid - hits her straddle and split position well - strong double pike - shortish? Not majorly - the most comfortable she has looked with those passes so far -

Urquhart - BB - they all do three series to loso - and they all have knee issues - secure, though - iffy switch leap and split jump 1/2 - does well to not give away a check on the side aerial - pulls it back - 1.5 hop forward/sideward -

Clark - FX - Wrong music - that really happens way more often than it should - big double pike - good form - small, small slide - hits her leaps well - big 1.5 to layout - dances out of it - short on double tuck dismount with a step forward -

Jacobsen - nice stag handstand mount - bhs loso bhs series - best leg form on the team - solid - straddle jump to straddle 1/4 is hit - she's certainly their beamer - full turn - switch to back pike - 1.5 dismount with a large, large lunge out of it - shame - would have been a good score -

Beers - FX - Alabama has already clinched the high 197 and a season high - short on the DLO with a lunge forward - unexpected from her but she only recently brought it back - clean layout to front full - switch ring and split full are solid this time out - solid double tuck to finish. Surely would have been a massive score if not for the landing on that DLO.

Boise State finishes with a 195.450, which is actually OK considering what a disaster that floor rotation was.

Beers gets a 9.875 for that routine anyway, because whatever, and Alabama ends with a 197.800. Their most complete meet of the year by far. Coming into tonight, they had just one 24-for-24 meet so far this season, so coming up with such a consistent meet was big. The only sub-9.800 score was the big break on the punch front from Kayla Williams on beam.

Alabama is back up in this to put some pressure on Michigan and move up the rankings.

I've hit my limit with the blogging, but just an update that Toni-Ann Williams got a 10 on vault. That's the first ever 10 for Cal. I'm so proud. 


  1. when you say alex would have gotten one did you mean she would have gotten a 9.9 or a 10? because she did end up getting a 9.95 according to florida's score state sheet.

    1. She would have had a 10 if she had stuck, no question, based on how the scores were going.

    2. ok sorry just misunderstood. thanks! would have love to see her get a 10 but i will take a 49.550 score all day!

  2. I know they're at home, but that 9.95 for BDG on bars is just... not right.

  3. On the Boise State gymnast, Marissa Wossner. She under-rotated her last pass and got some kind of lower leg injury (maybe ankle?). She got up and hopped off the mat on one leg.

  4. I only have to nitpick at one AU/LSU score...Ewing on BB. Comparing her score to Milliet (9.75 with snooze inducing step-pose-step-pose choreography for 2 full lengths of the beam, balance checks, and a sloppy dismount), Hambrick (9.825 with a couple checks and 2-3 steps on dismount), and Courville ( 9.7 with 5 full seconds with her leg in the air trying to hang on after the arabian), how did she only get a 9.775. Yes, she was a little slow, but she was solid with no checks and only a small step on the dismount. I guess her score suffered from being the leadoff a little, but still. Apart from that one score, the meet was awesome. I would have switched Ewing and Hambrick's scores but I think it all worked out in the end. I am really hoping AU can knock poor UGA down a few and come into the evening session at SEC's this year. They deserve a spot in that session.

  5. With the rate things have been going, UGA may very well end up in the afternoon session at SECs with Auburn in the evening, and considering that it's in Georgia, that would be quite a disappointment for the gymdogs. They need to pick it up quick. Auburn already has 2 197 scores and a pretty good road score from the Alabama meet with 3 more road meets to go. UGA meanwhile has not hit 197 yet and has only one road meet left after today's meet, although they have 2 pretty good road scores already. I wouldn't be surprised to see UGA hold on to the 4th spot, but it may be close and Auburn seems to have an edge at this point with scores already put up and the schedule remaining.

  6. Today's scores for Illinois-Iowa took a little doing to track down - went to Illinois twitter - Illinois 196.975 over Iowa 196.375, both well above their previous highs, so I'm guessing hit meet with out of control scoring. Giana O'Connor 39.6 AA for Illinois. PSU-Ohio State also looked like a hit meet for both teams (only one fall between the two teams) but with more restrained scoring, 196275 for PSU, 195.2 for OSU.

    I'm killing time waiting for the Pac-12 teams to go . . .