February 23, 2013

[10] Stanford @ [7] Utah Live Blog

The meet will get underway at 10:00 ET/7:00 PT on the Pac-12 Network. Enjoy!
Don't expect any changes to the Utah lineups, with Wilson and Dabritz remaining as the AAers. Utah could really use hit bars and beam rotations tonight. All of the top teams have showed high 196s this weekend (at least), so Utah and Stanford will both hope to keep pace with that.

If I know anything about basketball (it's the one with icing right?), the fact that there are still 5 minutes left in this game currently airing on the Pac-12 Network does not bode well for its finishing in 9 minutes. We may be in a holding pattern. Stanford's basketball team is not playing super awesome (nice air ball). Kristina Vaculik needs to give them a talking to, I think.

1:45 left in this boring basketball game. Patience? Never. Timeouts shouldn't be allowed. That's like cheating. What if you could take a timeout in the middle of your beam routine and reassess? Psssh. Some of these players really need to spend more time working on their posture and elegance. It's like they've never even heard of performance quality. Phew, it's finally over.

Lofgren vaults a very piked yfull with a low landing and a major step forward. Not her best at all. She went after a couple of big scores for Utah, though. 9.825? What?

Hong - UB - ST - wonderful handstands, tkatchev is her tkatchev, bail is wonderful, a little under on the DLO and has to take two hops forward into salute. That's a shame. 9.725.

Damianova - VT - UT - pikes down on yfull and hops back. Just OK. 9.900 - what?

Vaculik - UB - ST - awesome high gienger, good bail hs, a little short on final hs, whips her DLO a little bit with a hop back and some separated legs in the second salto.

Dabritz - VT - UT - piked a little bit but less than Damianova, hop back. 9.900

Shapiro - UB - ST - very nice handstands, great high jaeger, looked so floaty in her pak but missed and hand and came off. She was looking great before that. Ruh-roh. Pikes a little on DLO with a hop forward.

Wilson - VT - UT - They've been setting her up for a 13 based on these scores so far. She sticks her yfull but pikes a little in the air and bends to hang on. It shouldn't be a 10 because of that. 9.950.

Archer - UB - ST - clean gienger, good line and handstands, also has to pike her DLO a little and takes a step back. She has been better. 

After rotation 1: Utah 49.500, Stanford 49.050
Utah didn't look particularly strong in the vaults that we saw. Several of them had trouble maintaining the straight shape, and everyone but Wilson should have incurred a tenth on the landing. They need Delaney to come in at some point and be the third star with Dabritz and Wilson because the other vaulters will probably be very 9.825 in a postseason context.

Stanford can be better than that on bars as well. Shapiro's fall was an odd one I don't expect to be a thing, but they gave away too much on the dismounts, piking their DLOs and taking at step, giving away what otherwise would have been 9.9s because of clean skills on the bars.

Rotation 2: 
A number of gymnastics commentators enjoy the word bugaboo, Jim Watson and Kevin Copp most of all.

AMorgan - VT - ST - Yhalf, looked a little underrotated but held onto the landing well. Needs a bit more amplitude and distance. 9.875.

Wilson - UB - UT - very late on her giant full, floppy legs on gienger and bail, the tuck full is nice and high but she takes a step back on it. Lots to take, but she got through it. 9.775.

Rice - VT - ST - A bit flat on her yfull with a major hop back, piked a bit. 9.800.

Hughes - UB - UT - a little flat and close on her tkatchev but got through it, tuck full is almost to her knees and she may have brushed a knee on the mat. Three tenths? Probably. She got through the tkatchev earlier, but it looked like she released late. 9.525.

Vaculik - VT - ST - Omelianchik - love to see it - low landing and had to squat for it, so it won't be a big score. 9.775

Hansen - UB - UT - misses first hs, hits jaeger, good pak, she looked a little tight at the beginning but got through it, sticks tuck full, one of her better routines this year. 9.850.

Hong - VT - ST - yfull, not quite as clean as usual with her and a major hop back. Pretty good overall, though. 9.825. I see no difference between her vault and Damianova's, though.

Lopez - UB - UT - good height on tkatchev, clean through the bail hs, hop back on DLO. I haven't been too impressed by the landings from either team on either event so far. Very little sticking. 9.850.

Dayton - VT -ST - sticks her yhalf cold. Best vault landing of the day so far, but I don't love her legs on her block. 9.950.

Damianova - UB - UT - a little leg break on her shaposh, these handstands are judgment calls, might be close enough to forgive, but a tough judging panel would take for a couple of them (similar to what we've seen from Jacob for Alabama this year) sticks double tuck. Fine routine. 9.850.

Hanset - VT - ST - handspring pike half, low chest as always with a controlled hop back. Solid. 9.875.

Dabritz - UB - UT - great comaneci, jaeger is hit, clean bail hs, best routine of the group by far, sticks tuck full. They will desperately need this routine when we get into the business part of the season.  9.925

Rotation 2 scores: Utah 98.750, Stanford 98.375
On vault, Dayton was excellent for Stanford, but the landings can be improved for almost everyone else. Many of them gave away tenths from big hops or squatty landings. Utah's bars rotation remains a concern because of how 9.8 the rotation is besides Dabritz. The 49.250 works for today, but it's hard to see the team going much higher than that number in a road context. Landings, landings, landings. It's important for Dabritz to hit as well as she did, though, so that's a plus. Great routine from her. 

Rotation 3:
Tutka - BB - UT -hits her dance series, significant wobble on her series but she pulls it back, minor check on side aerial, sticks gainer full. Hit. 9.775.

Dayton - FX - ST - bounces out of a high double pike, front layouts as her middle pass, hitting her dance well, a little low on the double tuck and has to shift a little. 9.825.

Hughes - BB - UT - lands pretty short on her loso series but does well to be secure, looked like she didn't get any lift out of her bhs, otherwise very strong, 2/1 dismount with a hop to the side. She's been better but another hit.  9.825.

Rice - FX - ST - Also bounces out of her high double pike, front layout front tuck full second pass with a large lunge forward, hits double tuck dismount well. Just OK. 9.850.

Wilson - BB - UT - good loso loso opening with the slightest of corrections, and another slight correction on straddle, hop forward on 1.5. A few corrections, but otherwise solid and fine. She's turning into an efficient early lineup beamer. 9.850.

SMorgan - FX - ST - Pretty strong double tuck with a slight slide, a leg separation in her 1.5 + layout middle pass, hits double pike. Better than I've seen from her so far this year. 9.900.

Lopez - BB - UT - hits opening dance combo, minor balance check on loso series, again on the punch front. Major bend in her straddle 3/4 and has to touch the beam. Front tuck 1/1 dismount with a major hop forward. They'll need to drop this. 9.350.

Hanset - FX - ST - whip 2.5 + punch front, looked like a fall for sure but she held onto her punch somehow and even kept it in bounds, a definite deduction, though. Hits double pike to finish. 9.750.

Dabritz - BB - UT - Pressure routine for her to drop that score from Lopez, lovely full turn, huge huge wobble on her loso series but she stayed on the beam, so so tentative, again on her side aerial, she had it and then readjusted for a major wobble, wonderful 2/1 dismount. Nervy routine that will have to count. 9.675.

AMorgan - FX - ST - doubel arabian opening with a major lunge out of it, layouts middle pass, double tuck is fine to finish. Not her best because of the uncontrolled mount. 9.850.

Lofgren - BB - UT - a must-hit, significant adjustment on her side somi, hits loso but these last three workers have been tight, Lofgren working it out after the first wobble and sticks her gainer full. Well done to get back on track after a big wobble early. 9.900.

Vaculik - FX - ST - punch front to double tuck, very short with a lunge forward, finishes with a low double pike with a major step back. She can be better.

After 3 rotations: Utah 147.775, Stanford 147.600
I suppose Utah can take this beam rotation as a victory because it means they have officially endured both bars and beam without counting a fall, but Lopez and Dabritz both struggled. They need Dabritz on this event, so they can't afford her to be so tentative, but the fact that they need her so much probably makes her more tentative. Jury is still out on if this rotation can be nationally competitive.

Stanford closed during that rotation witha 49.225 on floor, but they can be much better than what we saw in terms of keeping those landings in control. They weren't going out of bounds, but they were not showing the dainty, controlled steps they need to. Those were lunges and will need to be cut out over the next month.

Rotation 4:
SMorgan - BB - ST - Getting a pep talk from Wing. Is she definitely out for the whole season? Good aerial to start, only the very smallest correction on her loso series, very confident work, wobble on side aerial, side somi, lots of acro difficulty in this routine, hop on double full. Solid start. 9.875.

Lofgren - FX - UT - pretty low on double pike mount with a step forward, whip + double full looks fine, rudi + loso looks good to finish. 9.825.

AMorgan - BB - ST - large wobble on her loso series to open, very strong punch front, just a step on the doubel back dismount. Good routine after the first pass. 9.850.

Del Priore - FX - UT - Solid tuck full mount, hits 1.5 layout middle pass, this is much stronger than I've seen from her in the past, rather long pause in the corner, a little low on the double tuck but hit. 10.000? What? What? Yeah, I can't believe it either, Lia. I'm not a huge fan of the relationship between music and movement in this routine. The choreography doesn't exactly live up to the dramatic music selection. That's the kind of thing that becomes a topic when a routine gets a 10.

Hong - BB - ST - wobble on the loso out of her aerial-bhs-loso, sticks gainer pike dismount. Very strong other than the wobble on the early series. Still, she can be so great, and she's not there yet. 9.900.

Wilson - FX - UT - DLO is strong, a little low, hits front layout to front full, a little slide out of the double tuck dismount. It's another perfectly acceptable hit routine, so I don't know what to think about the score. 9.850.

Spinner - BB - ST - excellent loso series to start, good gainer loso, 2/1 dismount is strong. Very good routine for her, very little to take there. 9.950.

Dabritz - FX - UT - minor adjustment out of the pike full - shuffle to the side, hits whip double full, off to the side a little on her 3/1 with an adjustment. Not her best but fine. 9.850.

Vaculik - BB - ST - great switch split to back tuck, rulfova is excellent, secure loso series, this is very nice so far, hop on 2/1, but otherwise this was near pristine. Another great routine from Stanford. 9.900.

Damianova - FX - UT - a little short on her double tuck mount with a tiny hop, slides significantly out of her double pike. A strong routine but not quite as contained in the tumbling landing as some of her teammates. 9.925. Does anyone else get the feeling that 9.925 is the new 9.850?

Rice - BB - ST - anchoring over Hanset, adjustment on her punch front, another significant wobble on her loso series, sticks gainer full, a fine routine but not as impressive as what we saw from the rest of the rotation. It was a beautiful beam rotation overall from Stanford, though. 9.825.

Tutka - FX - UT - good tuck full, stumbles a little on her front 1.5 in the middle pass-comes in low and pops to the side, good double tuck dismount. 9.900

Final Score: Utah 197.300, Stanford 197.075 
Season high for Utah.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


  1. Scoring was a little off throughout this meet, but both teams had solid meets and it was very competitive to the end, great meet to watch!!!

  2. Loved Del Priore on floor! I thought the 10 was well deserved. A couple scores did seem a little off though on floor and vault Utah gained probably .200 more than they deserved, but solid effort.

  3. Wow! Amazing team, I like to see the whole video of this.

    Salt Lake City events

  4. What is the music Del Proore has selected for her FX, it sounds so familiar but I can't seem to place it?