February 20, 2016

Saturday Live Blog – Oklahoma @ Georgia; Utah @ Stanford

Saturday, February 20
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Oklahoma @ Georgia - SCORES - SECN
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Alabama, Denver, Cornell @ Penn State - SCORES - Stream(free)
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Utah @ Stanford - SCORES - Pac-12
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Cal @ Oregon State - SCORES - Pac-12 Oregon
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Towson @ Iowa - SCORES - Stream($)
6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Pennsylvania, Temple, Ursinus @ Rutgers - SCORES 
10:15 ET/7:15 PT – Winter Cuppity Cup Cup Cup – SCORES/STREAM

Joyful times to be had by all! Until we get to Georgia on beam. Then...we'll see. The main focus of the day will be everything, but mostly Oklahoma and Georgia because I'm fascinated to see those two up against each other. I don't think it's going to be the cakewalk for Oklahoma it might seem based on most previous scores, so that's obviously the kiss of death. Enjoy reading that sentence after Oklahoma wins by three points.

First eye goes on that meet. Second eye on Utah and Stanford because that's now an urgent scoring assignment for Stanford. Remaining eyes on Iowa's scores and the "who's fourth-best in this conference" showdown between OSU and Cal. Oh, and Alabama! Too much!

Also, why you should be a fan of Kaytianna McMillan.

"That was a good sentence. We have like maybe two."

And then tonight, the elite boys get their Winter Cup on, which is always a treat. It's like gymnastics, but where everyone falls on everything. It's really fun. You'll like it a lot.

Keep your pants on! It hasn't started yet! 

Oklahoma is going full-strength, or at least pretty close to full-strength, with the lineups today. Catour looks to have carved out a place for herself in that beam lineup, sans Lovan.

Guerrero in on floor for Alabama this week. Winston out of vault again in spite of a 9.900 last weekend. Dana! You're killing us with these lineups!

Kevin Copp is visiting Georgia today and is doing commentary for the meet. AWWWWWW. Wistful. We miss you so.

Broussard - VT - better control on her full this week - smaller hop back, great height and maintains the body position.

Jackson - UB - piked j - good hs - clean legs on bail - more precise than earlier in the season - small step on tuck full - still a couple issues like feet and angle on the bail, perhaps, but useful.

Vaculik - VT - Still in the lineup - much much better - less crazy legs and a near stick on landing, some piking as well still but not as much.

Lehrmann - UB - lovely handstands positions - great height and toes on j - clean legs through bail - hs vertical throughout - sticks tuck full - clean, clean, clean, no major errors.

Marino - VT - hops forward on 1.5 and a bit off to the side - looked a little better in the knees this week

Capps - UB - good full turn - tkatchev could use more counter but fine - leg break on the bail - handstands excellent - step forward on tuck full, near-stick but had to take the step. Not as precise as Lehrmann, but should be comfortably 9.8s.

Snead - VT - high, high full - hop back as usual, kept straight body shape -

Scaman - UB - high piked j - they're nailing these bails today and precise on all handstands - step forward on tuck full - steps on dismounts are one of the only things OU is giving away. Clean until the chest forward and step on landing.

Rogers - VT - Just the 1.5 this time - I guess it makes sense because she stuck - legs apart on block, and perhaps a step forward on landing, but still one of her better ones.

Kmieciak - UB - huge ray - a little crooked on bail it appeared from this perspective? but solid verticals throughout and a no-question stick on her tuck full - the stick will help bring up the scores out of the 9.8s.

Jay - VT - Almost stuck her 1.5, step forward - and some of the usual form on block, but great straight position in the air, just the step.

Wofford - UB - good finish on full turn - amazing jaeger and toes - elbow bend on toe on, but that doesn't get deducted - clean bail - sticks tuck full it appeared - best of the rotation for my money, as it usually is

Adore that Georgia has finished the first rotation before Penn State has started. Catour is doing exo on bars now for OU - she has the ray and the toe point, a little leg break on her bail and sticks the DLO, she'll challenge Jackson or perhaps Capps for a spot in that lineup, but it'll be tough to make it in since the people in the lineup aren't making mistakes.

After 1: Oklahoma 49.450 - Georgia 49.275
Landings, landings, landings. That's really all there is to talk about here after a solid rotation from both teams. Almost exclusively, Georgia's vaults looked great in the air, but they'll need the landings to stay competitive. Scores looked actually pretty fair and normal for that rotation. Oklahoma stuck three dismounts and got three 9.9s on bars. A very, very clean showing, especially on the bars, with just one of two true form breaks here and there, and then steps on dismounts bringing a couple scores back into the 9.8s.

Didn't see Lauren Beers in the original bars lineup for Alabama, but I just saw her do a double front with a small step. One of her good double fronts. They're getting the double fronts today. Jetter looked like she totally flung hers out, but just a small hop back. Pulled it around.

Jones - VT - hop back this time on full, she has been sticking - good height and direction, just some early loss of legs. 

Vaculik - UB - strong ehight on piked j - one tight hs in there - solid on the bail - better on final hs - sticks tuck full with the usual crazy legs, but one of her best of the season. Cleaner.

Marks - VT - Excellent amplitude as well, good straight shape - opens up, hop back. Pretty big hop, will take down the score a bit.

Cherrey - UB -good toes on tkatchev and counter - solid legs on bail as well - short on final handstand and a leg break in giants - sticks DLO with legs apart, but once again way improved over her JO.

Kmieckiak - VT - They're not getting the landings on these vaults today, also a notable hop back, but pretty much the only thing to take - great position, power, and direction.

Snead - UB - fine tkatchev - a short handstand in here - good handstand on bail and position throughout the skill is maintained - great DLO, stuck landing and legs together the whole time, just the tiniest pike down.

Capps - VT - They're all hopping back on these vaults - same medium hop back from Capps - but the best height and open of the group, so could go higher?

Schick - UB - solid tkatchev - hits piked jaeger, close and lost her legs a bit in the air this time - angled on bail - hop back on DLO - not her cleanest but fine.

Scaman - VT - Still getting the control, a little better every week - 1.5, small step forward and pretty good leg position.

Alabama just scored a shitload (official term) on bars. All the 9.975s. K......? Didn't see it, but....Oh stuck landings. Did manage to see Winston's fab stuck DLO.

Jay - UB - strong bail - excellent handstands - hits her shush quite well - step back on DLO 1/1 but she's getting cleaner on the bars every week.

Jackson - VT - NICE 1.5 - small hop in place - but great height - good form throughout, strong distance and direction, little to take other than hop.

Rogers - UB - Ricna to pak is tremendous - great stalkders obviously - easy catch on shap 1/2 this time - alllllllmost stuck that DLO but slid back to salute. Damn. Could truly have been a 10 with a stick, as it usually could. She better get there before the end of the year.

Lauren Johnson doing bars exo for Georgia. How about a vault...? Has the power but struggles for form so won't make it into the lineup. Also goes over on a handstand. Cat informs us that she didn't fall. OH REALLY?

After 2: Oklahoma 98.775, Georgia 98.675
Closely close at the halfway point, just like we wanted. Georgia making up some ground there on bars with some pretty excellent routines, like Oklahoma just stuck landings away from massive scores. Jay and Rogers both got 9.900 and didn't stick, so... Oklahoma had strong 1.5s from Scaman and Jackson to bring up that total, but not the landing control we would normally expect and have seen from this team. Too many hops back on those fulls. It's a day when landings are king because both teams look pretty refined and March-like on the rest of the routines.

Scoring also seems kind of normal and fair to me, with just a couple weird ones that are only weird by about .05. Am I losing my mind? Am I getting soft? Am I drunk? This is supposed to be the SEC.

Georgia beam. Bum bum bum. Georgia beam.

Vaculik - BB - good switch and split 1/4 - secure loso series - small hesistation after walkover, but fine - swims a bit to correct balance on side somi - side aerial to full with small hop. Great start. She looks much less terrified now.

Kmieciak - FX - good high double pike, slide back - just lacking a touch of control on these landings, same slide on front full on middle pass - good switch side and wolf full, high and around - better on double back dismount, chest up and controlled.

Jay - BB - hits side aerial - kickover front to bhs, bent knees on bhs and a low chest on kickover - shush and hip circle - Cat is pretending she has never seen these routines before - sticks 1.5. This is so much less terrifying now. A bak hip circle is a "crowdpleaser." Which crowd?

Brown - FX - good control on front double full - front lay to front full is much better this time, not a short landing like we have seen - random layout stepout in choreo, I assume just for my benefit - slides back on rudi but maintains non-ragged position on a rudi, which is an accomplishment.

Rogers - BB - check on walkover - switch 1/2 is better this season - control on bhs 1/1 - falls on loso series - dammmmn Britt - don't let this become a thing again - hits bhs 3/4, starts to lose it in her elbows but pushes it out - 1.5 dismount with hop forward. "Other than the fall it was great." Yeah, other than that...

Capps - FX - solid double pike, medium chest but I'm OK with it - I could watch this routine all day, obviously - front full to layout, great position and controlled landing - good completion on switch side and popa - small bounce up in place on rudi, but tumbling is there now.

Babalis - BB - small adjustment on loso after front aerial - we're pretending that's an acro series - dance elements have usually been the strength in her beam work - falls on kickover front. Never mind. Georgia beam is back. Short front full with a hop back.

Jones - FX - 2.5 to front tuck with a small bounce forward - a little more control on 1.5 to front layout, but she's getting enough amplitude on these skills that she should be able to nail those landings, not show any question - good position on split but loses her toe point - solid double pike landing, low chest.

Did I just spy with my little eye Carley Sims on beam?

Broussard - BB - Dear me now, big routine - bhs loso series is secure - switch side and straddle 1/4 are fine - she's working anger beam - check on full turn - she's working a little tight but is solid - side aerial to split jump is hit - sticks gainer full. Comeback routine.

Jackson - FX - 1/2 to rudi - good legs on twisting skills - 1/2 to front full is similar - high on switch side and popa series, the popa could be a bit more extended but not too bad - bounces up on double pike pretty significantly, will take away the score, awkward landing.

Box - BB -wobble on tuck jump full - better on loso series, great legs and control - tight on that switch leap - rushed and nervous and lost her back leg, but no wobble - strong full turn - aerial to beat jump is fine -sticks 1.5. 

DAMN! I was so focused on Georgia beam that I missed Nina McGee on floor! And then I look to see her go OOB on her double pike!

Scaman - FX -small bounce up on DLO landing as she often has, but great in the air - rudi to loso, not as high into the loso as usual, had to bring it down a little - small slide back on double back final pass. Good, not her most dominant.

Utah and Stanford also about to get going.

Oklahoma 147.875 - Georgia 147.300
Georgia counts a fall on beam to fall back, but never underestimate the power of home floor, so this isn't over yet if Oklahoma doesn't nail beam. Oklahoma got scored pretty realistically on floor for some of those slides and low chest, which I wasn't exactly expecting. Sadly, Georgia beam is still Georgia beam.

Taylor Rice off to the side a bit on her full on vault - hop back.

Partyka misses one handstand in ther on bars and a step back on dismount, but OK otherwise. Weird Utah bars feet, but like that's ever been a deduction before... 9.775.

Chuang pikes down on yfull and lands short, hop forward, but she's getting this vault back. leg separation in the air as well.

Lewis went a little late on that full turn - handstands look fine - hop back on DLO - should rise a touch compared to Partyka.

McNair #1 had better distance on her full, pretty good control as well, some direction, small hop forward.

Kmieciak - BB -secure on loso series - straddle 1/2 is well hit - lunge back on double tuck dismount, but mostly solid until the dismount -

Babalis - FX - slide back on whip to double tuck - huge stumble forward on front lay to front full, overcooked the front full and took a million steps forward, they'll need to drop this - better on doubel pike, small slide back but good chest.

Lehrmann - BB - fluid full turn - smooth on walkover as well - comfortable loso series and nice extension throughout - switch side to shush - small step on 1.5 - very good.

Hughes just had a nice bars hit - great finish position on that full turn and a stuck dismount (with low chest.)

Rogers - FX - sticks double arabian, nailed - split elements look fine - pulled around a layout a little on that middle pass - bounces out of double pike - started great, gave away a bit at the end.

Catour - BB - solid loso series - crooked switch side but no check, just sort of sideways like many are - walkover to bear jump no issue - sticks gainer pike - no wow parts of that routine, but fine all the way through.

Marino - FX - DLO small bounce up kind of like Scaman, but that pass is getting better all the time. Good position and control on 1.5 to layout, truly punches into that layout instead of whipping it around - small slide presenting out of her double pike, but great.

I love that I didn't even notice that Ebee did a DTY because it was just so high and easy. I was like, probably a full. It's better than her full. Because Ebee. Just a hop back.

Brown - BB -walkover to bhs is well hit - excellent position on sissone - easy switch leap and a stick on gainer full. KJ is like, "Yeah, I know."

Box - FX - Great double pike as always, actually high - 1.5 to layout is controlled as well, keeps her amplitude and leg position - strong landing on double tuck as well, her usual nailed landings, no slides, no tiny bounces, chest up. Great.

Jones - BB - small correction on loso series and short of her switch/switch series which can kill her score because that's not 180 - small hop back on 1.5.

Beers - FX - Alabama - finishes with NAILED double tuck, great stick. 

Jay - FX - bounces back out of her full out this time - front 2/1 to front is excellent, height and control - dance series is around, still want that wolf psoition to be higher - half to front full is good, steps out pretty far but keeps her back leg down.

Capps - BB - casually lovely through flexibility and stag - loso series is strong, could have been short but held it without a wobble - walkover to scale is lovely and FLUID, maintains the movement instead of awkwarding - good switch and straddle - sticks gainer full. Excellent. Cappsish.

197.375 for Oklahoma/ Solid score, but lost the chance for greatness mostly because of the floor score.

Snead - FX - Anchoring now - whip through to double tuck - are they trying to Bridgey her? - rudi to straddle is a touch ragged - feed cuts out on double pike. OK?

Stanford working against a bars fall now -

FINAL: Oklahoma 197.375, Georgia 196.750
It's a disappointing performance for Georgia coming off last week and because beam is right back to where it was with counting a fall, but in terms on the score, that's still a useful showing. Without counting that beam fall, really could have challenged OU especially if home floor had worked out for them. Wasn't too too perturbed by the scores in this meet. Georgia got some home floor, but not intense home floor. Now some other meets to pay attention to.

Utah and Stanford are currently late in the second rotation. 

Oregon State just got a ridic bars score with two 9.950s. So that's also fun.

Price - UB - great shap to hip circle but FALLS ON HER CHURCH. NOOOO...Stanford counting a fall on bars now.Everything else was perfect obviously. Stuck DLO.

Delaney - VT - nice height - small hop back - pretty much her usual vault that we've seen for four years, just the hop back. Utah getting a solid vault score here, which is all they need after the Stanford fall.

Hong - UB - WOGAtchev to the max, very flat - gorgeous bail, perfection - wonderful handstands - sticks DLO - it's basically a 10 if not for the WOGAtchev, there's so nothing else you can take there.

Alabama is going to get a gooooood 197 with just a normal vault performance here.

Utah 98.425 - Stanford 97.800
Stanford must remove all errors on the next two events as this score is so important.

Iowa gets just 48.700 on vault. That's not 196 pace, dears...

MCP - Oregon ST - BB - check on full turn - wobble on switch leap as well - does a stag to split to get her dance series, I'll give it - small check on loso series as well, giving away bits on everything - hits walkover - leg form on side aerial into full and hop back -

Solid double pike from Palomares there on floor, good chest position - medium on splits, OK but not hugely extended - big bounce back on double tuck, jsut does stay in.

N McNair - BB - good amplitude on loso series and very secure - makes side somi look not terrible - secure side aerial - high switch and straddle 1/4 as well, this is excellent - hop on 2/1.

"you can't teach comfortable" - Daggettisms. Add to the list.

Just a 49.200 on vault for Alabama for 197.300. Could have been higher, but always a solid road score.

Merrell - FX - music issue? She steps off. Front 2/1 to front tuck, solid - switch ring is Ok but in two parts - her most secure landings so far - 2.5 to front tuck without a slide or correction - strong rudi with pretty hugh chest as well - she's coming along as a floor worker after seeming borderline early in the year. 9.875.  

Daum - BB - walkover with a wobble - very short of 180 on switch and split jump, should get hit for both - solid walkover - small hop and step-salute on 1.5. Score will be just medium.

Lewis - FX - scores are happy to go high early, so we have the potential for some big scores - she has added the full in back to the routine and it's the best she has done it by a large margin - ooooh, don't show her front layout from head-on because those legs are a no - great double back as well - Tiffani Lewis is back.

Denver finishes with 196.350, which is solid especially for not being able to rely on some of the normal big numbers, like McGee on floor. 

Rice - BB - Oh, Taylor. Big wobble on L turn, and then falls on kickover front, and then huge break on loso series with a bend at the waist. Let's just pretend this one didn't happen, OK? Weakest beam routine I've seen from her.

Toni-Ann - Cal - FX - huge DLO with a bit of a slide but stays in - she's just sliding out of these landings a touch, but no questioning power and body position - very high switch side and straddle, hitting 180 - strong double pike, comfortable landing. Nearly one of her great ones, but needs more landing control.

Stanford counting the 9.675 from Daum now.

Hong - BB - Needs a 15, just like she earns every time - check after onodi moving at negative three miles per hour into bhs, not a connection - small adjustment on loso series as well - they're not wobbles when Ivana does them, just graceful adjustments, you know - split and sheep, another graceful adjustment of beauty on sheep - sticks gainer full.

Schwab - FX - fine double pike, a bit of a slide - excellent position on 1.5 to layout, and no question about hit on straddle elements - controls the 2.5 as well, crossed legs, but another solid routien from her, so it will get a 50.

Price - BB - strong walkover, confident - tiny step on layout 2ft series - tight on that switch leap but does well to speed up into the split jump to get her dance combo - step back on double pike dismount. A couple tinies, but they'll take it no question and will be a good score.

Hughes - FX - fine double pike, keeps that front foot down - 1.5 to layout is clean, perhaps a small slide but she's doing well to just keep control - straddle position is 180 and wolf full is all the way around - sticks double tuck - would be automatic 9.950+ at Utah, so let's see what it gets here. 9.900. It's almost like the scores at Utah are too high or something...

Chuang - BB - correction on loso series - very tight switch, short of 180 - hits side aerial - sticks gainer full. 9.925. Uh...what?

Partyka - FX - back 1.5 to front 1.5, well controlled - slides back on double tuck - good split leap to split jump, hits 180 and all the way around - solid rudi as well, a little legs.

Just when we start to pay attention to Iowa, they decide to have an absolute mess.

Stanford gets out of beam with a 49.125, no more could have been expected after the mistakes in there. Don't understand the Chuang score at all. Stanford still in contention for a 196, but floor needs to be good.

Utah 147.850 - Stanford 146.925
Oregon State getting all the scores so far today. Kaytianna McMillan is getting the BBS bump. 9.950 for bars and beam so far. It's all me. Will be a wildly necessary score. Ah, being at home.

Ricci - OSU - FX - punch rudi to loso, some legs - small slide on double pike and flexed feet in there jussssst stays in bounds on slide out of 1.5 to layout-  

Toni Ann - BB - standing front tuck! wobble - standing loso! bigger wobble. Oh dear - switch and straddle - long pause before series - falls on layout 2ft series - SOOO much difficulty in this routine, but it's not paying off - disaster - punch layout full dismount this time and nails it. Sadness.

Partyka - BB - split and straddle 1/4 are fine, a little right - small adjustment on side aerial, and then another just standing there - looks tiiiiight - loso series with a bend at the hips - not one of her good ones - gets through the switch+switch series better than most - sticks 1.5.

Chuang - FX - squatty on double pike with a slide back, just stays in - low landing on rudi, hunched in half - has to whip around her layout out of the 1.5 like whoa - issues on every pass.

Hughes - BB - fine loso series, some definite knee form - finishes side aerial to a stuck full - short routine, solid on acro - a little rushed on dance elements and short but no big errors. 9.750.

Frowein - FX - they'll have to count her score after the low number from Chuang - secure double pike but low chest - goes for double L but falls out of it this time before completing two - better on middle pass, a bit of form on front full but sticks the front pike - good control on all passes, just moments of form.

Lopez - BB - nice loso serie, good amplitude - minor adjustment on full turn - very secure punch front as well, chest up and no movement - straddle 1/4 is hit - almost sticks 2/1 but steps back/salutes. Good one - dismount landing only serious thing.

Daum - FX - low chest on double pike with hop forward - 1.5 to layout, pulls around the layout but no movement - switch ring and split 1/2 look a little better, closer to 180 - very low chest on double tuck as well - lunges forward and tries to turn it into dance.

Delaney - BB - high loso series, hit - straddle jump to tuck jump full with step back to control - gainer loso is also secure - sticks gainer full - couple moments of tightness and a step, but fine.

Cal counting a fall on beam now. Regression today for Cal, progression for OSU, best scores of the season by about a million times.

Stanford getting poor scores on floor. This is not the score the team needed.

Rice - FX -short on double pike with lunge forward - 1/2 to front full, landing is a little locked but under control - low chest on double tuck as well, landing in half a bit -

Rowe - BB - switch to straddle 1/4 is fine - check on loso series - another small wobble on full turn - better on kickover front - large lunge forward out of 1.5, tried to control as a stick but had to lunge out of it.

Price - FX - magical DLO, just pops forward a bit on landing - switch ring and straddle elements are high and excellent, no question about position - solid front lay to front full - great double tuck as well, high chest and controlled landing. Will be a big score. Tim said he had a chance to watch her grow up. It sounds like "I had a chance to watch her throw up." 9.925.

Stover - BB - very nice walkover to split jump - secure on loso series - switch and straddle are hit, correct positions - standing split ring is actually pretty close to full position, and sticks the gainer full. Great routine. Best of the rotation and Delaney already got a 9.900. 9.975. Well now.

Spector - FX - strong double arabian, great legs together throughout, no cowboy, small hop to the side - amplitude in leaps, high straddles - front lay to front full - slide back on double tuck, but a very good one for her, will help save the score a little, but this will not be a 196, which is a shame.

Oregon State 196.850 - Cal 195.350

Utah 197.150 - Stanford 195.875

Iowa isn't done yet, but the score is going to be about a 3.

Stanford will move up in RQS as that 195.875 replaces a 194.800, but they would have hoped for much higher. Guaranteed to retain a 196.075 for RQS now, which is not ideal and will make it more difficult to stay top 12.


  1. Love the zippy speed of Georgia home meets...rotation 1 is almost over, while the 4 pm meet at PSU is still doing warmups!

  2. I really want to see KJ protest Wofford's score by saying to the judges, "Have you SEEN what's been getting 10s this year?"

  3. Kind of surprised Vaculick hasn't been able to clean up that dismount.

  4. Alabama went 49.6 on bars. Bailey did not compete.

  5. Winston's UB was fantastic. I would not have minded if it went 10. They did not show Brannan on the stream.

  6. Nevermind they showed Brannan. I'm as drunk as the Mizzou judges apparently.

  7. Oh Georgia beam...meanwhile OU consistently and calmly continues to slay the competition.

  8. The random LOSO in Browns routine appears to be the NCAA equivalent of the random side/front aerial in elite - gotta "tumble" in both directions

  9. I'm a little confused by OU's floor scores...judges desperately trying to keep this meet close?

  10. Bothered by the OU floor scores. Pretty obvious that the judges made a point of being realistic with OU and then gave out the home floor advantage to UGA. Ridiculous.

  11. "It's almost like the scores at Utah are too high or something..."

    Aren't they at every home meet at every school? *cough*Bridget Caquatto floor*cough*

  12. "That's cute" is apparently Tim's new favorite phrase.

  13. I'm getting tired of these Utah is "overscored" when they're the only team who scores the same on the road as they do at home. Take 2015 for instance Utah was scoring .5 lower than Florida or Oklahoma all season, suddenly in the same arena at Nationals they're getting the same scores. UTAH vs ARIZONA 197.150, UTAH @ UCLA 197.100, UTAH vs WASHINGTON 197.125, UTAH @ STANFORD 197.150. There is no data to back the assertion Utah is overscored at home.

  14. So glad someone else noticed this. Note that BBS didn't say anything about Utah getting 9.775 for hit beam routines last week (in fact, he said it was "home scoring"). Compared to every. single. SEC. team., Utah has been scored fair to harsh.

    As much as I love reading BBS, this will be the last week bc his bias towards Utah is just annoying. Can someone start another blog?

    1. Actually he mentioned them getting low balled on some of their beam routines so....

    2. "with even a couple charitably scored home meets so far..."

  15. For comparison here is how Florida scores Home vs Away...

    FLORIDA @ TWU 196.825
    FLORIDA @ AUBURN 197.075
    FLORIDA @ GEORGIA 196.35

    FLORIDA vs ALABAMA 198.175
    FLORIDA vs UCLA 197.675
    FLORIDA vs ARKANSAS 197.45

    1. ya, you can't compare Utah's scores from last year, with their 4 senior all stars, to Florida this year. Florida hasn't hit away. In fact, they've crumbled while away. So that's a super unfair comparison.

      Utah is not as good as they were last year and they won't be scoring that same way.

    2. The scores posted are all from this year Andrea. I get what you're saying about Florida not having hit though. The point being Utah is getting the exact same scores home vs away.

    3. I must have misread above where you talked about Utahs 2015 scores.

    4. No worries, in re-reading my comment it's clear I didn't make the proper distinction.

  16. It's college gymnastics. No need for the personal insults. If you're that offended, stop reading the blog.

  17. Agree with anon 9:32. Clearly you're taking it personally and there is no need.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Yea you seem to be wayyyy too upset about this. I recommend you do what the others are saying and stop reading the blog since it gets you this riled up. There was really no need for the insults in any way, shape or form.

  20. Obviously anon feels strongly about this but s/he has a point. Home teams in all sports get overscored or get the benefit of the doubt - football, basketball, gymnastics. It's just part of sports. I wish people didn't give it as much attention. However people do seem to get pissed when it happens at Utah but kind of gloss over when it happens at Florida, OU, UCLA, etc. Never understood why Utah gets a disproportionate of flak on scores. Just my 2 cents.

    1. I don't think Utah has the same quality of routines as the rest of the NCAA. They are clean, but they don't have the hip hop, exciting, dancing routines. Their highest scoring floor routine is Schwab who has a very quiet routine compared to the rest of the NCAA. I think flashy out scores pretty and artistic in college.

    2. I wouldn't say Utah routines are flashy either, but they're very well choreographed this year. I would compare their new style and approach to Oklahoma on floor. Not everyone's cup of tea, but they seem more committed to the performance than in seasons past.

  21. Doesn't matter what's flashy and what's quiet. A 10.0 start value is a 10.0 start value. And this year Utah has some of the best choreo, thanks to the new floor coach. A lot of other teams have weak choreo in comparison. Utah has less difficult tumbling this year but as good routines and dance as anyone.

    1. Right...but judge preference plays into the number of deductions seen.

      Just like all of us watching have our preferences. I prefer the fun routines over the pretty routines. They don't hold my attention and I get bored. Judges could feel the same way or opposite which will influence their scoring.

  22. And if they're taking deductions where deductions don't exist because they're "bored" or don't prefer that style, the judge should be reprimanded. And that goes for any team that features that judge. Not every routine is a Llomincia or Sophina routine and judges need to score objectively out of a 10 for 10.0 SV routines.

    1. I think it's more over scoring the routines that are flashy and "forgetting to deduct" when you get lost in the routine, rather than punishing the routines that aren't flashy.

      This is the entire reason why elite scoring was changed. It's always a problem and will always be a problem. We can point it out and bitch about it until the cows come home, but nothing will change.