March 6, 2016

Sunday Live Blog – UCLA, Georgia, Stanford, Heart Medicine

Sunday, March 6
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – Ohio State, Bowling Green @ West Virginia - SCORES - Stream
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – George Washington, Pittsburgh, Texas Woman’s, Yale @ Maryland - SCORES - BTNPlus($)
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – Georgia, Stanford @ UCLA - SCORES - Pac-12
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – Utah State @ Nebraska - SCORES
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – Minnesota, Denver @ Air Force - Stream
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Michigan State @ Boise State - SCORES - Stream
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – UC Davis, Brown @ San Jose State - SCORES - Stream

These are the current live rankings heading into today's action, emphasizing the urgency to get a useful score for a number of the teams competing this afternoon. I've been obsessing over the potential regional excitement that will come from having some of these schools as #3 seeds, without taking too seriously the possibility that they could end up out of the top 18 and out of the seeded schools altogether. Without a meet next weekend, Stanford's situation is particularly urgent. Utah would also prefer Stanford get a big score, like now, because if Stanford does have to be "regionally allocated," then Utah's regional is by far the closest geographically.

Nebraska's RQS is being held down by a low road score, so we won't really know where the Huskers stand until after next weekend's meet at Ohio State.

I'm excited for this one. Three fascinating teams that all certainly commit to giving us unpredictable meets. Or predictably terrifying. This is like a beautiful disaster all-star game. It could go any number of directions. At least 15 of them. And the "Who's Shaylaing a bars mount today?" roulette wheel goes round and round...

It looks like the Pac-12 Net has set off 2.5 hours for this competition, which probably means we're going one routine at a time. So, if you catch Miss Val bleeding from the eyes with impatience during this meet, you'll know why.

Today's UCLA floor lineup continues to be severely lacking in Cipra and Francis...
Savvidou is getting another shot on bars. Has to be better than last time...?

RED ALERT: Ivana Hong is in the vault lineup. Now, she's listed 6th, and Stanford often drops the sixth person on vault if the first five hit, but...she's there.

The next thing college gymnastics needs is a studio show like we're seeing for women's basketball right now. We would have a LOT to talk about.

Cipra - VT - Back to the lineup - bounce back on full, a bit off to the side, good distance -some piking at the end. 9.825. Scoring starts fairly high.

Snead - UB -solid tkatchev - hitting handstands well - good legs together on bail - pikes down her DLO with a small hop, but excellent until the dismount. 9.800. 

N McNair - BB - smooth loso - going for the dominatrix leos today, like you have in your collection - small check on side somi - precise side aerial - deliberate style but strong - great positions on switch and straddle 1/4 - pretty big hop back on 2/1. 9.850.

Honest - VT - similar to Cipra - also off to the side like the UCLA vaulters usually are - bounce back, a little mushier in the knees than Cipra. 9.800.

Johnson - UB - HIT HER MOUNT! - smaller leg break on gienger - loses her feet and ankles throughout the routine - misses final hs - hop forward on DLO - 9.725

D McNair - BB - check on side aerial, bend at the waist - falls on loso series - she looked off right from the start - better on the switch 1/2, good position and solid, of course nailing the hardest skill in the routine - hop on gainer pike. 9.100

Meraz - VT - opens out of her full well - small hop back - better distance than on some of her efforts this year, does lose her legs a touch in postflight. 9.825.

Vaculik - UB -good high piked jaeger - a touch of feet here and there, misses final hs - stumbles back on dismount with two large lunges - would have been a strong score until that, but it should go way down with that dismount. 9.700

Price - BB - bends to hold her walkover well without a wobble - check on layout 2ft landing and loses her leg form on her bhs a bit - full turn - switch and split are solid, sometimes she can rush on those leaps, but these were 180 - huge double pike obviously, step back. 9.825.

Hall - VT - hits her 1.5 this time - hop forward and very messy knees throughout the vault - near mustafina legs in that one, but they need to SV. 9.875. Huh?

Schick - UB - good tkatchev - hitting her hs - no trouble on releases - slightly angled to the side on her bail - toe point is excellent - almost sticks DLO, small hop forward. 9.800.

Hong - BB - onodi directly connected to world peace, perfect - gets her loso series this time, high and great extension - comfortable in split and sheep jump - fantastic so far - knees buckle on gainer pike - WHATTTTTT - large lunge, didn't fall, but WHHAAAATTT. 9.850. Still with that dismount. For Ivana reasons.

Bynum - VT - near stick on her 1/2-arabian - small hop back - her best of the season, very strong. 9.950. Hahahahaha. I guess she got credit for the arabian.

Jay - UB - strong bail to start - excellent vertical hs - hitting her shush every time this year - hops back on DLO 1/1 again, but pretty much excellent until then. 9.900

 Chuang - BB - smooth loso series - hits switch to stag - steps back out of her side aerial, travels very far on that skill - sticks gainer full - important hit - 9.925.

Preston - VT - also her best full of the season - she FINALLY stuck - she has great height and form but had meh landings on most of her vaults this year - stuck this time. Very good.

Rogers - UB - Ricna to pak is glorious this time - smallest leg break on shap 1/2 but who cares - Allllllllmost sticks that DLO, could have stuck but stepped back for a step-salute.

Daum - BB - walkover to bhs series is a bit slow but kept her arms moving - check on full turn - crawling along the beam choreography as you do - quite short back leg on switch and split ("solid leap combination") - hits side aerial - hop-salute on the 1.5, no counting a fall for Stanford, saving the ranking. 9.925. OK. Sure. Mmhmm. Well, at least it's for more than just UCLA...? If that was 9.925, then Francis needs a 64.

After 1: UCLA 49.375, Stanford 49.375, Georgia 49.150.
Next is the night of living terrors rotations as Stanford goes to floor, Georgia goes to beam, and UCLA goes to bars. Important vault rotation for UCLA in spite of the silly scores, with Bynum and Preston both delivering their best o the season by a long way. It won't compete with the best, but if they vault like that, they can stay afloat on it. Georgia needed those big routines from Rogers and Jay but had to count the 9.725 form issues from Johnson after a couple weak dismounts brought the scores down. Agree with those who noted that the judges went safe for Snead in the first position, which doesn't reflect what was happening with the scores for later routines on all events, like the last couple beam routines from Stanford, which effectively papered over the fall and weird dismount moment for Ivie.

Francis - UB - small arch on bail coming out of the shap incombo - later full turn this time (usually borderline but as Greg pointed out, this was late) - and then a hop on the double pike - she stuck it every time last season and has not stuck yet this season. She's usually very clean, this was not her cleanest. 9.825. Higher than Snead.

Jay - BB -Fine full turn - noooo, side aerial, large break and puts her hands on the beam - but she's supposed to be the solid one - fine kickover front, small bend after beat jump - repeats kickover front to get the combination, wobbles again, then into the bhs, another wobble on it - she's going to lose SV and is awobbling all over the place - hop forward 1.5 - we'll just throw this one away... 9.350.

Frowein - FX - low on double pike with a step forward - front full to front pike - pikes her layout form in the twist a bit - fine wolf combo series - 1.5 to front pike, a little short on front pike with a step back. 9.750.

Meraz - UB - solid legs on the bail this time - handstands are getting better - tkatchev is flat but fine - her DLO still kills me with the piking and the crazy legs - small step 9.850.

Vaculik - BB - good switch, straddle 1/4 is OK enough, no wobble - good amplitude on loso series and secure - very small check on walkover - solid side somi - this is one of her better routines this season - hop back on full out of side aerial - fine. 9.850

Chuang - FX - short on double pike with a large lunge forward - rudi middle pass, larger step back and to the side, too big to be controlled - short of 180 on that split  Ok 1.5 to layout, a bit flat. 9.800. Don't ask me how.

In other news, Nebraska is getting a million. A necesdsary million.

Savvidou - UB - hits piked jaeger - but can't cast out of it, has to muscle up - sticks double back out of giant full - she'll be a thing in future season on this event because she has the line, but it's not there for this season. 9.575.

Rogers - BB - wobble on walkover - switch 1/2 is secure - better on the bhs 1/1 this time - good loso series as well - wobbles on her full turn - GIRL! - bhs 3/4 to stag, just loses her elbow a little but pushes it out, fine - hop forward on 1.5. 9.825.

Daum - FX - better double pike than the first two, secure and chest higher - 1.5 to layout is fine - switch ring and split 1/2, OK - low chest on double back and tries to dance out of it to cover up her lunge forward. 9.825.

Metcalf - UB - crazy legs on shap but btter on the bail - arches handstand on low bar, very short handstand on high bar - double front, cowboyed and a large lunge - not one of her good ones. 9.625. Will have to count it.

Babalis - BB -long pause to open - check/bend on aerial - switch is fine - looking tight and taking long pauses - bend and hop on kickover front - adds in back tuck to loso to get her acro series, could recovery composition - small bend - lands punch front full, large squat and a lunge forward - they'll have to count this but breaks everywhere. 9.650.

Rice - FX - low chest on double pike with slide back, stays in bounds - 1/2 to front full is fine - good position on switch ring and straddle 1/4 - low on double tuck landing as well with a slide. OK. She's getting there. 9.850. You guys, Stanford is going to be winning. 

Honest - UB - good height on tkatchev - hits straddle back well - hs look fine - flings out tuck full but just a small step back - she has done well to minimize the deductions to toes and then the step on the dismount. 9.850.

Broussard - BB - gooood one-handed bhs to loso - switch and straddle 1/4 are secure - smallest bend on side aerial - hop back on gainer full - getting through it. 9.900.

West Virginia just got a 196.800. Everyone got 9.950s on floor. Oh NCAA.

Price - FX -huge DLO - comes in a little short at the end with a small hop - great straddle positions - slides forward on layout to front full - nails double tuck. Scores have been going high on floor, and this was easily a tenth stronger than the others in the lineup so far. 9.900.

DeJesus - UB - good full turn - Sophia gienger - a bit of legs in the bail - hs are excellent - low chest on tuck full this time with the large lunge - not one of her good dismounts. 9.875. Oh, bless...please explain that to me. With the dismount - the chest and the lunge...

Box - BB - good tuck jump full - very secure loso series - tight on switch and straddle 3/4, just rushing those positions a bit - excellent walkover - this won't be a bad total in spite of counting the 9.6 - sticks 1.5. Best of the rotation from her. 9.950.

Spector - FX - almost sticks that double arabian, hops forward - indistinct finish on switch and straddle elements - good secure landing on front lay to front full - a bit low on double back as well.

After 2: Stanford 98.625, UCLA 98.400, Georgia 98.325
Yeah, Stanford is winning, you guys. What if Stanford wins? Both UCLA and Georgia have had mistakes to open the door. It was a fine floor rotation for Stanford, which is like an amazing floor rotation given the expectations this year. Scores went high, preparing to 9.950 the place down for UCLA at the end, but no major errors. UCLA was sloppy on bars, and Georgia had some strong beam routines but also some very nervous ones. So that beam score will look like a real positive for Georgia comparatively, but that's still a tight rotation that's still worth being terrified by.

Stanford and Nebraska, the two teams in desperate need of big scores this week, are both delivering through two events.

Rice - VT - good open on her full - good direction - hop back and not as much distance as others - she just blew a kiss to us, because obviously. 9.800.

Gerber - BB -wolf turn - "a unique turn" - trolling - aerial to best jump is nice if slow - tightens to hold her loso series without a wobble - hits 180 on switch and split - secure side somi - sticks gainer full - solid start. 9.925. OK, so this is where we are. It was a lovely routine, but when was the last time you saw a 9.925 beam leadoff?

Snead - FX - whip through to double back is secure, a bit low but no movement - good rudi to split jump, nice height and position on split jump - switch ring to wolf and straddle leaps - chest down and OOB on double pike. Shame, would have been a solid score. 9.750.

Chuang - VT - pikes down her full pretty significantly, hops to the side - crazy legs on block - 9.775. So Jay should get a 20.

Meraz - BB - bendy check on loso series - another very small correction in switch 1/2 - short on 1.5 with a lunge back. so...10! Kind of...9.850. The same score she gets when she's perfect.

Babalis - FX - whip doubel back, very squatty, lands in a sphere - hits her split positions well - dances out of front lay to front full, good twisting form - very secure double pike, chest down again though. So hard to land chest up without bhs into the pass. 9.750.

D McNair - VT - sits down 1.5 - trying to bring that vault back.

Shapiro - BB - falls on loso series, and no comedy split this time - just a fall - Oh Marsden, this is not her first time to compete, Jim just told you her season high is a 9.900.

Reynolds - FX - BACK from e coli! That's a sentence. large slide back on double pike, does stay in bounds - 1.5 to layout is solid - switch side is fine, a bit short of 180 on the popa - a bit of a stumble bounce on her rudi, understandably ragged but a good return hit.

 N McNair - VT - very good full - hop in place, but strong height and distance, maintains her form -

Ohashi - BB - wobble on layout 2ft this time, which is unusual because she nails that so often - check on switch ring - strong full turn - switch split and split jump are very nice - chest low on side somi but secure - loso full dismount, just a small slide with one foot there - 9.900. With two wobbles and a non-stick? 

Marino - FX - music issue? Steps off -DLO has become one of the most reliable in NCAA - and she gets admirable amplitude on these dance elements - full to layout, legs together, rises on layout - secure double pike - excellent routine, this is the routine we thought they were getting when they recruited her, has become super consistent this year.

Price - VT -That's how you sticks a DTY! Gnat isn't the only one. Replay shows a bit of a movement on the landing. So 9.975. I don't have a problem with that because of the very insignificant movement on landing, but when you compare it to the 9.950 Bynum got, it's like.....

Francis - BB - Lovely walkover obviously - hits her loso series right on - no trouble on swsitch and split positions - y spin is a bit closer to true y this time too - Val get out of the way of the camera! Transverse aerial and looked like a stick. Now...clearly a tenth better than Ohashi, so let's see...10! It was certainly coming. Cut to Ebee like, "Excuse me.......?" One of her great ones, and when they decide not to take a pause deduction (a decision I'm fine with) it's an understandable 10.

Box - FX - high and wonderful double pike - 1.5 to layout, choreographs over any slide as she alsways does well - great set on everything - high switch side and popa, good 180 - nails high double tuck - will be a huge score. 9.950.

Hong - VT - She's vaulting! - Oh, just nearly stuck it - you know, casual nothing.

Savvidou - BB - A must hit for a new one - this will be fascinating - hits her double wolf - falls on loso series - counting a fall. Wobbles on switch - redoes her dance series, keeps wobbling - side aerial to full hop in place.

Jay - FX - Full out, chest down but secure - front 2/1, overcooked and tries to pull around her front tuck, just did get it to her feet but has to hop OOb. Shame, because this was setting up for another 10 -better 1/2 to front full -

Stanford 147.875, Georgia 147.500, UCLA 147.350 
UCLA was being set up for an absolutely massive score but threw away an essential opportunity by counting a fall on beam. Georgia also had some great floors from Marino and Box, but two OOBs and some landing struggles bring down the total. Meanwhile Stanford is just chugging along. Impressive.

Commentators still unsure about Ebee's vault, but you can see the foot slide on the replay. It's close to perfect, but I'm fine with 9.950 on that.

UCLA still went 48.950 on beam counting a fall. Bahahahaha.

Greg Marsden just said "nae nae."

Broussard - VT - great height, holds onto the stick on her full with a bend forward - let's see how these scores go because Georgia's vaults are better and the scores have already gone high.

N McNair - UB - great high jaeger - clean legs on bail - one borderline hs in there but the final one is excellent - larger hop back on tuck full dismount. Was about to be great but that landing should be a tenth.

Gerber - FX - solid double tuck, chest not too low either - Rechelle Dennis spotted on crutches in the background? - whip to 1.5, slidey dances out of it a little - switch ring to split half to wolf, a little bouncy but fine - secure landing on double pike but quite low.

HUGE 197.350 for Nebraska. That changes things.

Johnson VT - Giant height on her full - leg break at the end and then a hop back.

Rice - UB - good handstands - solid jaeger - very good form on the pak - small hop on double tuck - great bars set - very clean.

Meraz - FX - just decided to stop - music issue - she steps off, but she had started that routine, so let's see what the judges do at the end of this, similar to Kennedy Schneider? - a bit low on double tuck with a lunge - front lay front full front pike - good height on her straddle - sticks double pike. Still 9.875. Tabitha Yim has a rage stroke. 

Marino VT - fine 1.5 - not her strongest, loses her direction a bit this time, lunge forward - she has improved the knees from earlier.

D McNair - UB - hits jaeger to overshoot - late final hs - sticks DLO - her best bars routine of the season. Cleaner than usual.

Hall - FX - 1.5 through to double back - very low with a lunge - hits her dance elements well - 1.5 to front pike is OK - long pause before final pass, pulls around double pike. 

Snead - VT - great form on full as always - strong distance - hop back, pretty big but pretty much all there is to take.

Maxwell - UB - lovely first hs - Ray to overshoot is solid this time - struggles to muscle final hs a bit - squatty landing on double tuck but holds the stick.

Ohashi - FX - fine double tuck mount pass, small slide and it's just a double tuck, but OK - 1.5 to half to full to split to front tuck is the highlight of the routine, well executed throughout - also bent in half on double pike but she does well to hold those landings.

Rogers - VT - STICKS her 1.5. (Compare to Pua's 9.875....just get ready) - she does stick with legs apart and has legs on the block. 10! Brittany Rogers gets her 10. Just on the wrong event...

Brandie Jay is like, "Alright now..."

Price - UB - ftanstics on shap - legs togther and huge through church and bail - sticks DLO. Well, that HAS to be a 10 if we've already seen two given out today. 9.975. Give me a break. If you're going to go to crazy high score land...

Please note: The same judge who gave Price the 9.950 gave Sophina a 9.900. 

Honest - FX - slides back on double pike - looked to me like she went out but no flag - front lay to front full with a small slide - good height on straddles - stronger double back final pass, secure.  

Jay - FX - wanted so badly to stick that 1.5 - two steps back to save the landing.

Hong - UB - WOGAtchev but solid - gorgeous bail - gorgeous everything - step back on DLO.

Georgia finishes 197.025. Useful road score.

Hong 9.925. Stanford 197.400. SUPER useful road score.

Bynum - FX - secure DLO, chest a little down this time but not bad - holds her front foot down on her double tuck side pass - high wolf full, but that split is still not horizontal - front tuck through to double back, also a bit low on chest but very secure landings. 9.950.

UCLA 196.850. Would have been a gigantic score with a hit beam. Because these scores today.

FINAL: Stanford, 197.400, Georgia 197.025, UCLA 196.850


  1. Anyone know a link I can watch this for free? The usual site is downnnn...

  2. Dang Georgia is going to be exhausted. Two meets this weekend and coming back across the country next Saturday for Utah. Sheesh.

    1. Georgia is staying on the west coast all week.

    2. Greg tweeted about this. It is spring break for Georgia so they are staying out west for the week. Smart move.

    3. So, will they book a private gym to practice during the week? how does that work?

  3. Apparently Catwoman is competing for Stanford.

    1. Bahaha! I thought they looked like the tops to bad 80s dresses.

  4. Try - works best in Chrome for me.

    1. Thanks! Wish I known about this earlier in the season lol

  5. Meraz much better than first two. Lack of score difference is ludicrous.

  6. 9.800 too low for Snead IMO. I don't think putting her as the lead off is a good idea. It lowers her score that is typically a solid 9.85-9.9 which they need

  7. AWESOME! Thank you!

  8. LOL Pua's vault score is a joke. These vault scores are laughable.

  9. Georgia needs to drop Jay's beam score. No fall, but she put her hand on the beam and had several major wobble deductions. Can the get five hit routines? Pressure is on.

  10. "Yeah, Stanford is winning, you guys. What if Stanford wins? Both UCLA and Georgia have had mistakes to open the door."

    Yes, however, there is still a UCLA home floor rotation to go.

  11. Greg Marsden calling out SEC over scoring! Love it. Lol

    1. Love it, but Too bad PAC-12 scoring for the top teams is sometimes just as bad...

    2. He does have a point with evidence from this meet — Elizabeth Price's 9.975 for her DTY would've gone 10 in the SEC for Ashley Gnat.

    3. I was just thinking that too.

  12. Sophina's bar score is a joke, that dismount had at least .3 in deductions...

  13. Anyone know how Mable did on floor? Minnesota failed to tweet the score.

  14. Y'all, I don't think Hong is gonna go on vault.

    1. Hong had to vault otherwise they could the McNair fall.

  15. I mean, I thought I saw Danusia have a tiny check, but they gave ohashi a 9.9 and Nush was CLEARLY one tenth better than that

  16. I predicted Hong would do the AA at the start of the season when post season rolls around. Greg just confirmed he heard a "rumour" Hong will add floor in at Pac 12 championship.

  17. UCLA sounds like they're going to have a rough floor lineup again.

    1. Yea literally no one is going on floor lol

    2. Looks like Hall and Ohashi are back in. Maybe won't be too crazy terrible.

    3. Hmmmm. This will be interesting

  18. Glad I don't have to listen to the phone routine though lol. It makes me wanna punch dolphins

  19. does anyone know what is up with peng? is she still injured or is she pulled from lineup or are they just 'saving' her?

    1. She had her knee scoped about 2 weeks ago. They do expect her back.

  20. Uh oh! Meraz! Music issues,

  21. Is there a deduction for music issues like that?

    1. Well if they follow the rules, she should get a deduction for over time because she started the routine before she realized the music was off.

  22. I can't with Jim Watson's commentary sometimes lol. He's like the ncaa version of al trautwig

    1. Ah yes, I wish he would stop talking sometimes. He just vomits stats, after stats, after stats, and I'm just like... sssssshhhhhh.

    2. And he says the dumbest things!!!

  23. These vaults scores...

  24. I honestly think Meraz should have gotten hit with the deduction, ONLY because of what happened with Arizona. But if it was my decision, I wouldn't deduct either Meraz or Kennedy because of all things that can happen in a routine, I'd be LIVID if I was deducted because someone else couldn't get the music correct.

  25. Rogers had leg separation on the table though....but I guess it's like a makeup/do over for her bad senior night lol

  26. 9.975 for Price on bars. I'm gonna have to hurt these judges

    1. It was a 10!!!! Completely. If I was Ebee I would be making voodoo dolls of all these judges

  27. Price deserved a 10 on that bar routine.

    1. I mean, did they have chalk dust in their eyes!?

  28. Curious, does it bother anyone else when gymnasts do the same tumbling pass twice in their routine? Like how Bynum does a double tuck twice? I'm surprised there is nothing in the rules about this. I've always wondered.

  29. The front tuck entry makes it different. If it is exact same, I believe that is a deduction.

    1. Hmm I guess but it just still feels the same to me but now I understand why it's not a deduction though.

  30. Both of Price's routines were better than Francis's beam (lean) and Rogers's vault (messy legs and feet wide in landing). Happy for them but in comparison Ebee was robbed. And her difficulty was higher on both!

    1. Yes!!! I'm glad someone else saw Francis's lean too.

    2. Do you mean EBee on Bars and not Beam? There's absolutely no way her beam was better than Francis. She had a few checks and a step on her dismount. Francis had one tiny check and was clearly superior to Ebee on Beam. If anyone has an argument on beam, I would say Box from UGA had an equally great routine when compared to Francis. But she got a 9.95, so it's not like she was robbed. To be honest, I don't think Francis' routine was a 10, but she was certainly better than Ebee today on that event.

      Also, Price received a 9.975. Let's not act like she was completely low-balled. Two judges gave her a 9.95 instead of a 10 (one on each event). Her VT, albeit gorgeous, was NOT STUCK. Rewatch the video. She shuffled a tiny bit on the landing. The judges on VT were judging landings and not form the entire night (see Pua's 9.875 for proof of that). Her 9.975 on UB was the highest of the night, which makes sense. The UB judges were the strictest of the competition. I thought both Snead and Schick could have gone higher on bars.

    3. Oh I thought the vault was right because i definitely saw her feet shuffle. I was talking about bars. I just think because they Dejesus that 9.875, Ebee was definitely over one tenth better than that.

    4. Oh and I don't think they meant Ebee's beam. They were just commenting on the other 10s of the day

    5. Correct--I meant Ebee's bars. And I also wasn't saying that the vault was flawless--it was closer to flawless than the one that did score the 10.

    6. Clearly no one wanted to give a 10 to a Stanford gymnast at UCLA.
      Glad Rogers got a 10 in her career – first UGA 10 in about five or six years. Last one was either 2009 or 2010, Grace something, I think got it. Not sure what event. A bit before I started watching.
      Seriously about the 10s and Greg's SEC comment: remember at LSU's senior night in 2015 when Jessie Jordan received a 10 for a vault which her feet slid back much farther than Ebee's did for the 9.975... The LSU gymnasts were actually laughing about it on the sidelines (I think it was Jessie, perhaps Rheghan – both got 10s that night that were iffy). Also, If Ebee was wearing a Gators leo how many 10s do you think she'd have by now?

    7. Not debating score but think shoulder width feet are okay for vault landings?

    8. yes. If it's ok for girls to lunge out of tumbling passes than shoulder width vault landings should be ok.

  31. I really don't know where the judges deducted anything from Ebee on bars. Vault, ok, 9.975, but bars was ridiculous.

    Nevertheless, Stanford's RQS jumps to 196.305, which puts them in 13th, ahead of Cal and OSU. They're done with the regular season b/c they're not allowed to have meets during finals week, so the question is whether it will hold. But it seems they've likely gotten back into the evening Pac-12 session.

  32. How is Alex Waller allowed to be "on the team" during UCLA home meets? She is not on the roster and I thought she left the team. Yet, I've seen her in the UCLA official warm-ups and with the team during all home meets (I'm not sure if she also travels with the team). She's not moving mats or doing any other type of assistant or manager duties. How does she get the uniform if she's not a walk-on and not on the roster? Is it "Coach's kid" treatment?

    1. Quite a few of the walk ons are now team managers. Alex Waller, Jessy Macarthur and Karli Dugas at the very least! Jordyn Wieber has a team of team managers lol