April 2, 2016

Regionals Live Blog

It's regionals day! The one day every year where your biggest problem is the decision whether to dedicate your phone to one of the competitions streams or put that pressure on your computer with a extra browser window and risk a critical-mass rebellion. It's a really rough life. We probably need a charity. Or at least a hashtag. #prayforgymfans

Regionals headquarters with all the info is here, but these are the highlights:
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Athens, GAScores - Stream
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Iowa City, IAScores - Stream - Stream (vault) - Steam (bars) - Stream (beam) - Stream (floor)
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Minneapolis, MNScores - Stream
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Tuscaloosa, ALScores - Stream
6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Ann Arbor, MIScores - Stream
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Salt Lake City, UTScores - Stream - Stream (vault) - Stream (bars) - Stream (beam) - Stream (floor) 

After all these months, today is also the first time all season that results actually matter! Hooray! In a few short (long) hours, 36 becomes 12. Top two or bust! You know, that famous goal all athletes have. Clear eyes, full hearts, can finish second and still advance.

The hope for today is that someone, somewhere will pull off some manner of upset. After the top 12 all advanced to nationals last season, we earned something a little more fun. One teensy little meltdown doesn't seem like too much to ask. Put in your upset predictions now, so that you can be showered with praise when it happens.

The day will start slowly, which is charitable, but it will become nightmarish pretty quickly. We will invariably start missing things in hour two, when a number of the crucial bubble teams will all be on beam. Nebraska, Denver, and Cal's beam rotations will all determine quite a lot about what the #3 seeds will (or will not) have to do to score the much-anticipated upset.

Right from the start, of course, watching Georgia's beam will be a monumental emotional and physical hurdle for all of us, but just as important in that rotation will be Oregon State's floor. It will be very difficult for Oregon State to pull off an upset (meltdowns notwithstanding) without something 49.2ish on floor because we'll expect much higher from Georgia there.

Things are almost happening!

RQS pace for the first rotation in Athens is Oregon State 49.185, Georgia 49.180, GWU 49.020, MSU 48.805. Both OSU and Georgia will hope for much more. Particularly Georgia because we know this team should be capable of 49.3s on beam. Should. We don't know. I'm basically having a panic attack and I don't even have to do beam today.

Upon glancing at the Iowa regional scores page, it appears that Rachel Stypinski is in the AA for Kent State today, which helps the quest to potentially finish ahead of CMU in that all-important fight for 5th.

Your event is about to begin. Please stand by.

We're standing. Really, we should be sitting.

If you're here checking to make sure it hasn't started for everyone, it hasn't started for everyone. We're all in this together.

Welp, I've made everything on my desk parallel and perpendicular, but that still hasn't given me control over this regional starting.

As if we needed more meets converging on the same start time!

Just to sum up, AAHHHHHHHHHHH.

It's starting. Blood pressure, returning to just unhealthy levels. Hey, Kevin!
The struggle is real for Cat Hires and words today. We get it, Cat.

Brittany Rogers's nervous face is all of our spirit animals.

Kevin and Cat are invoking 2010.


Noll - VT - MSU -yfull, solid distance, some clear piking and a larger bounce back.
Are we not seeing Jay on beam? If so, why?

A hit for Jay. Good thing we're seeing all this standing around.

Jay 9.750. Not ideal but they can deal with it.

Vaculik - BB -solid switch to split 1/4 - smooth loso series, no check - very very short on aerial, great save but a significant wobble - falls on side somi. Nervy nervy nervy. Here we go. Dear dear dear. Side aerial to full with a hop.

Four beam routines to live through remaining.

Winstanley - UB - giant gienger - leg break significant, but excellent amplitude, legs together on bail, somewhat floppy in the air - small hop on tuck full. Fine, solid.

Burt - VT - excellent distance on her full, hop in place, piking in the air.

Rogers - BB - tentative on aerial but fine, no check - solid on switch half to beat jump - hits bhs 1/1 - secure loso series, no trouble - a couple small bend adjustments here and there but coming through with a big routine - hop forward on 1.5. One down, three to go.

y 1/1 on - pike - from Sedgewick for MSU, very low chest and step forward.

OSU with opening 9.700s. Not great either.

Babalis - BB - front aerial to loso - slow connection and a LARGE wobble, bends at the wasit to adjust - solid switch - check on full turn - dear dear - bend adjustment on kickover front - stick on punch front full - they'll have to count it -

Radermacher - FX - front double full to layout - good legs, small bounce forward - short of split in dance elements - better control on 2.5 - clean front full to tuck. A couple small control and split issues, but fine. Usable.

9.675 for Babalis. That will have to count.

Deans - VT - very piked on layout full and a leg break - hop back.

Raineri - UB - missed her handstand after her jaeger - good control on her DLO 1/1 landing, some piking as often happens - great difficulty including a healy(?) early in the routine -

Box - BB - Broussard got 9.900. Huge for them. One more to get through to stay alive.Solid on tuck jum full this time. check on loso series but OK - switch to straddle, better completion of 180 on the switch - small bend adjustment on walkover - Phil basically had a relief embolism after she hit her last acro - sticks 1.5. They're still in it.

When you're relieved by a beam 9.6. Georgia breaks 49 on beam. Somehow.

Tanya is on number duty?
McMillan - FX - front 2/1 with a slide forward - 1.5 to layout, good leg form, but another uncontrolled landing that will probably take her out of the vital 9.9s - good 180 finish on split and straddle - punch rudi, also a small shuffle back but smaller than the others.

Oregon State goes 49.000 on floor. Georgia is winning after 1. Mission accomplished for Georgia?

After 1: Georgia 49.025, Oregon State 49.000, George Washington 48.825, Michigan State 48.575

Giant double back from McKellar for Towson. Great height.

All of those regionals that are supposed to start in 20 minutes need to take a cue from Athens and start late accordingly. Sorry, other regionals.

Both Georgia and Oregon State are currently under their RQSs, but by about the same amount, so Georgia retains the edge there, and is now already done with beam, so that's a solid sign for Georgia. Pressure on Oregon State to pick up some tenths on vault now.

We'll see what Arizona can do on floor now. Not a strong event for them usually, but there's room to pick up ground on OSU after that 49.000.

Rotation two here. Savona goes 9.850 on bars.

Ricci - VT - highish on yfull - does pike rather a lot - hop forward. 9.700.

Cindric - FX - She's in instead of Edwards? - slides back on double pike - good amplitude and position on wolf and split - more secure on double pike, chest just a bit low - splits are the highlight of the routine - 1.5 to layout, slightly whipped around, but fine. 9.750

Mermelstein - good switch and straddle 1/4, solid - step back on three series to loso, avoids wobble. 1.5 hop forward.

9.875 for Hambrick.

Wyrick - UB - great finish position on full turn - does well to hold it - flatter on tkatchev - solid vertical on bail, feet slightly imprecise - whippy DLO with a step back.

Vault scores tight today. Not good for OSU so far.

Jimenez - VT - full - off line and a larger step back - some form on the table.

Priessman - UB - solid first hs - high tatchev into pak - eg break on pak, usual size - hitting hs - DLO is  sort of a pike-open dismount - hop in place. One of her good ones.

Mattson - FX - Tabitha is getting very Pac-12 with this floor lineup today - solid landing on double pike chest slightly down - short and rushed on that wolf - 1.5 to layout, whipped around also - short on double tuck with a lunge forward.

LSU nailing bars, moving out ahead early.

48.900 for OSU on vault. Also not quite what was called for.

Pfeiler - BB - solid loso series - good extension on that switch - hits switch side - sticks gainer full.

Low score from Zamardi for LSU, but it doesn't matter for the rotation score. 49.300. Large lead.

Watkins - UB - I'll be sure to mention her because I was scolded for not mentioning her in the preview - short onopening hs - excerllent gienger - high and leg together - loses her back in the bail, quite loose - whips the DLO a bit but a stick.

Arizona needs to get out of the 9.7s on floor to try to catch OSU. Howard can help. solid landing on double pike, a bit forward, but not much chest down - hits her wolf - solid double tuck as well, they've been sliding early to go down into those 9.7s. lay to front full - dances out of it. 9.850.

Didn't Cat use this same music? Remembering incorrectly?

Sisler needs 9.850 on floor to match what Oregon State did on floor.
Sisler - FX - great punch rudi to loso, excellent amplitude and legs together - hits her split elements - sticks a double pike, chest down -  2/1 to front tuck, crossed legs in twisting but she goes 9.875. 49.025 for Arizona. Arizona is in this to challenge OSU. But it still looks like they'll both need some help so far.

Intros underway in Iowa. 

Stover finishing things out on floor - slightly awkward step on 2.5, crossover - front full to pike - good secure landing on rudi, also some legs crossed on all her twisting.

These lengthy intros all over the place are making me weep for my schedule.
I like how the Alabama link didn't even appear until they were reading to start the broadcast. They're like, "SHUT UP PEOPLE."

Ashley Miles alert.

Georgia can pull away on floor in this one with something in the 49.3s, gain some distance over OSU and Arizona. 

Minneapolis winning the "come on, stream" award for this session of start times.


Macadaeg is on beam, obviously we have to pay attention to that first. Supercedes everything else. small check on full turn AGAIN. GIRL. Great switch and switch ha;f - walkover to straddle is hit. Solid loso series - sticks gainer full. We're OK

Cal getting underway on beam - Seilnacht hits los series - small check on dance - switch is fine - a hit down for Cal.

Near stick on a yhalf for Mattson.  9.750.

Oh hey. beam feed at Iowa. We ca see exactly nothing. Babalis hitting her splits - stumbles forward a bit here - following a 9.850 from Reynolds. FALLS on double pike. Oh. Georgia.

Cannamela on beam - a couple checks.
Also Owens on beam for Cal, looked like a big bend at the waist on her series but stayed on - hop back on dismount.

McConkey - BB - Nebraska - leg form on series but hits securely -check on full turn - sticks 1.5. One hit.

ROGERS IS DOING FLOOR - hits double arabian - 1.5 to layout is fine, whipped around a little but hit - bounces back on double pike and a little locked legged but she got through it for 9.800. 

AHHHH. You know that thing where you get so overwhelmed that you just stop everything? That happened for a second.

Schweihofer is on beam for Nebraska - solid loso series - wobble on some dance elements - hits side aerial -

Gnat on beam for LSU - doing Gnat thigns - solid split and straddle - LARGE break on her loso series - they already have a lower score from Caanemla so will still have to count this - they have enough of a lead that it's fine. And should still be an OK score.

  Box hits floor for 9.850. Just Jay to get through to avoid counting the fall.

Denver needs to drop a beam 9.525 from Hammen now.

Cal is currently counting a 9725 on beam. Getting through but opening the door.

Jay hits full out - the routine Georgia needed from her - 9.900. 49.300 for Georgia on floor - starting to pull away from the slight-under-196 pace from Arizona and OSU.

Saw a couple checks in this beam routine from Laeng but nothing major.

Richardson - BB - Cal -strong secure loso series - need a big hit from her to minimize some slight damage here - nothing devastating but they've given away a bit. Hop back on doubel tuck. Solid. What they needed. Cal is through beam and very much in this.

Zoe Draghi's beam score range was 9.600-9.900. Huh?

Blanske hits switch side - slightly crooked - sticks 2/1.

DENVER BEAM ALERT. Counting a 9.5. Advantage Minnesota.

Mable FX - giant straddles, excellent finish and amplitude as always - NOOOO FAALLLL.

Arkansas counting a 9.725 on floor, Nebraska getting through beam.

Nebraska goes 49.125 on beam. Crucial early hit. Pressure on Arkansas.

Mable still got a 9.400 on floor, even with the fall. Minnesota's 48.900 is lower than they needed They're still OK because Denver is struggling on beam. But do we need Minnesota to make it as a team now that Mable fell?

Cal 48.900 on beam. Boise State 48.850 on floor. West Virginia 48.725 on bars. Worse for Boise State than it is for Cal because Boise State still has to do beam.

LSU and Georgia in control by multiple tenths in Athens so far.

Denver relatively disastrous 48.525 on beam. Minnesota's 48.900 on floor looking better. We knew Minnesota needed a lead after this rotation, so even though the scores for both are down, it's still a lead.

Wellick's 9.850 saves Arkansas's floor a little, but Nebraska goes 49.125 on beam to Arkansas 49.000 on floor, so advantage Nebraska.

Vaculik is back on vault for Georgia - one of her good-control landings, just a hop in place, still piking but perhaps not as less.

9.850 on bars for Khamedoost helps OSU.

Boise State goes to vault now, needs to gain some.

McNeer - UB - small step back on DLO.

handspring pike 1/2 from Bir for Boise State, good amplitude, not a ton of distance, small hop.

Beers - UB - solid pak small leg break - larger lunge back on double front -

McKenna Singley falls on bars for OSU. Critical routines from Jacobsen and McMillan coming now to keep OSU in it.

Collantes large hop back on DLO.

Very nice splits and wolf from Hyland on floor for Kentucky.

Baker just stuck her double front. Bailey sticks full out?

Step back for Ali Jackson bars dismount, otherwise solid.

Jacobsen sticks double front with a swim

Ashley Miles is NOT calling that an arabian.

Jetter - UB - hits Ray - solid hs - clean legs on bail and vertical - step forward on double front - solid hit - one of her good dismounts.

Lehrmann just nailed bars. Lots of hits going around right now.

48.975 on bars for OSU. Not helping. 49.275 for Georgia on vault.

Winston - UB - gigantic Ray as always - a tight handstand in there - beautiful pak - small hop in place on DLO. Great.

Capps - UB - hits tkatchev - precise hs - a little floppy in that bail but ends in vertical - smooth in hs - sticks-ish her dismount, leans back so far in her salute that she basically takes a step - so I would call that not a stick.

Caquatto - Ub - just a touch close on Ray - vertical on that hs, very precise on those - step back on DLO.

Scaman - UB - strong jaeger - nice bail, very tight body position and vertical - a borderline final hs - step back on dismount.

Brannan sticks DLO.

Yikes, Arkansas counting a 9.6 on vault. This is slipping away quickly. Big advantage to Nebraska.

Kmieciak hitting obviously - staggered stick on tuck full - scores going massive, Oklahoma pulling away in the first rotation as expected.

I only saw this dismount on McMurtry's bars. I LOVE her routine this way. Stuck it obviously.

Oh god, and now Michigan is going to start?!??
Wofford excellent on jaeger obviously - perfect legs on bail - sticks dismount - great.

Waiting on scores for Florida on bars and Minnesota on vault. And obviously for Alabama's regional as well.

LSU and Georgia with enough of a lead that it will just take 5 for 6 hits the rest of the way to advance.

Another 9.950 for Wofford. What does a girl have to do?

Arkansas just absolutely fell apart on vault. VAULT. 48.375. Basically Nebraska will just have to vaguely hit the remaining three events.

Minnesota bars judges had a very "and none for Florida, bye" rotation.
Minnesota 49.175 on vault is higher than Florida's bars score.

Arkansas currently behind Kent State.


Kentucky goes 49.125 on floor. Boise State is down to the 48s on both vault and floor. Need a huge bars number now. Cal 48.900 on beam is behind Kentucky, but it's also beam.

Stanford floor. Michigan beam. Get ready.

Hee hee. Your last name is Butts.

DEAR GOD NO. Olivia Karas has fallen on beam. Michigan has five routines to get through now.
Opening hit for Frowein.

Florida to beam/ Kennedy Baker - walkover to bhs is hit - straddle to a tight split 1/2 - side aerial to stuck full.

McNeer has fallen for Alabama on beam! The beam fall monster arises.
Dana Duckworth is going to have a lot of facial expressions about this.

Frowein 9.700 for Stanford.
Charlie Owens 9.700 on floor. 

Why have we only see about half a routine so far in Michigan?

brannan hits loso series - splits look fine - long break before kickover front - wobbles but hits - sticks dismount -
Small ish slide back from Rice on double pike - half to full is fine, crossover step -

Brown - BB -aerial to bhs is very solid - strong splits - hits side somi - sticks 2/1. Got that one down.

Kentyucky just had a disastrous fall on vault from Stuart. Can't afford her to be compromised for the next two rotations.

Michigan has Marinez up on beam now - lovely splits - nails side aerial - dismounts to her KNEES. Beam disaster for Michigan.

Aja Sims step forward on her double back. Alabama getting through with hits now.
McMurtry sticks 2/1, going after a fall from Boren.

Lindsay Williams on beam for Michigan now. Solid on her acro

Winston - BB - good stplit and straddle 1/2 - aerial to bhs, slow combo but no wobble.

Williams hits beam to try to save the meet for Michigan.

Sloan on beam now, must hit position. Very smooth walkover to beat jump - bend correction on bhs loso series but much better than it has been - switch and split are fine -  pretty full turn - solid 2/1 landing. Florida survives.

TA Williams - FX - massive straddle elements - strong double pike
Artz on beam - hits walkover to bhs, tentative and slower in connection but hit - bringing the routine Michigan needs - small hop forward on dismount. Is it too late?

Guerrero - BB - hits two loso series - large hop forward on 1.5. Got through.

Spector just sat her double arabian for Stanford. Michigan may not be out of this. Must get the big final hits from Artz and Chiarelli.

Draghi is a bit short on double back, step forward - layout to high full, slide forward - good hit -
Wobble from Chiarellu on loso series but stays on - strong side aerial - hop back on double back.

Nina MCGee STICKS DLO - because of course she does - front full to layout, also stuck - sontrolled step back on double pike. Excellent routine, hugely important score for Denver -

Price - FX -huge DLO sisters right now - hers is a bit lower than McGee's with a step forward - excellent dance elements, gets her amplitude into those straddles - solid on front lay to front full - easy peasy double back - keeping Stanford in control. Michigan will have work to do.

Penn State is in this - 49.025 on bars.

9.900 for Price on floor. They'll be counting the 9.700 for Frowein and 9.675 for Chuang, which is why Michigan still has hope. Needs a big 9.950 floor rotation from Karas, Artz, and Chiarelli.

Ewing goes 9.975 on vault for LSU. Didn't see it because as long as Georgia hits a few more bars routines, this thing is over.

Still waiting on one more floor score for Cal, but should be ahead of Kentucky and BSU once we get it.

Oklahoma and Nebraska well in control of the Iowa regional. Alabama avoided counting that fall, in solid shape once again.

9.950 on bars for Brandie Jay. That will do.

Denver with a vital 49.250 on floor. Still a touch behid Missouri and Minnesota for the second spot, but Denver has done beam and the others have not. This should be a great one. Minnesota Missouri and Denver all in it for this second spot. Florida with not a huge lead, but beam and bars are done, so they should sail smoothly unless something weird happens.

Penn State 49.025, Stanford 48.975, Michigan 48.500.

AND WE HAVE OUR FIRST QUALIFIERS. LSU and Georgia advance with 197.300 and 196.850 respectively.

Our AAers will be Lisa Burt of Michigan State and Maddie Gardiner of Oregon State. An upset there as Lisa Burt gets an AA spot over the favored GWU duo of Winstanley and Drouin-Allaire. 


Huge bars rotation upcoming for Boise State to try to get back in this thing.Bennion sticks a DLO for 9.850. That will work.

Minnesota to bars now - solid double back with a step.

Rice - VT - large bounce back on full -

Opening fall from penn State on beam.
Seilnacht with a large bound forward on her layout 1/2.

Chuang - VT - better chest position that earlier - still a lot of pike, but controlled, small hop.

Richarson - VT - Cal - GIANT tsuk - hop back.
Big tuck full for Stockwell - lean to hold stick

Willaims - VT - bounds a MILLION miles out of her 1.5. Nooooooooooo
Jacobsen on bars for Boise State now - lovely leg form on piked jaerger - hs are strong - sticks DLO but bends forward to hold the stick.


It's a 48.800 for Stanford on vault. 48.875 for Cal on vault. Neither will enjoy those scores.

Boise State moves ahead of Cal by .075. Both have one rotation left, but it's bars for Cal and beam for Boise State. Keep an eye on Ketucky as well. Definitely still in this.

Minnesota ahead of Denver by the same margin/ Minnesota has beam and Denver has bars. Keep an eye on Missouri. Definitely still in this. TWIN MEETS.

Eastern Michigan still in it to act as spoilers in Ann Arbor. Penn State counting a fall o beam ow.  

49.125 isn't what Auburn would have chosen for bars, but with the mistakes so far, that's OK.

Laura Mitchell on beam for BGSU - loverly loso series - switch and back tuck are very solid - slightly tentative in side aerial to split but hit - strong side somi - hits full turn - hop in place on 2/1 dismount. Wonderful routine. 
Taylor Allex on floor - strong doubel arabian - hits 2.5 to front full small hop -

Eastern Michigan staying around 9.800s on floor, which is enough to keep pace right now.

Eastern Michigan goes 49.075 on floor after a 9.900 for Slocum. Just .050 behind AUBURN.

Crucial events coming up: Minnesota to beam, Missouri to bars. Boise State to beam, Kentucky to bars. Michigan to floor, Auburn to beam. Oklahoma and Nebraska are continuing to have this thing.

Clean from McLaughlin on floor, good legs in twists. Normal.

Coca overbalances a handstand on her bail on bars - fall for Kentucky to start.
A check for Means on beam but nothing major - sticks gainer full - solid.

Nice splits from Ciara Gardner on beam - solid on loso series - small hop on gainer full.

Fassbender and McLaughlin on floor for Florida today.

Stuart - UB - Kentucky - short handstands and on the bail - big DLO 1/1, hop back.

Collantes strong on side aerial - near-stick on 1.5, slide to the side. Brannan falls on floor????
So good to have Waltz back for Kentucky. Sticks double back.

Koshinski near-sticks a 1.5 on vault, small step back.

Lowish early beam scores for Minnesota- need some Mable and some Nordquist -

Muhammad's vault amplitude is crazy.

Katie Bailey hits double arabian -
Hyland - Ub - good full turn - legs together on gienger, solid amplitude - clean vertical on bail - sticks tuck full - very pretty.

Stuck full for Eastern Michigan!
Dukes - Ashley tells us she hit her foot on her tkatchev - sticks DLO.

Winston and Sloan on floor now - Sloan nails her final pass - Winston beautiful legs together on eveything.

Mable - BB - huge routine -there's a 9.6 that needs to be dropped - nailed her loso series, beautiful - walkover to beat jump is smooth - switch and straddle 1/4 - side aerial to excellent full - wonderful.

Taylor Allex just near-stuck a 1.5.

Baker - FX - short on double pike with a lunge forward, which is weird - final pass is solid.
Lindsay Williams came in very short on a layout - whips it around but lands squatty and then another stumble out of double tuck - what is happening Michigan?

Nordquist - BB - Side aerial to loo is excellent - good switch side, a bit of a swim to balance it - Kathy Johnson full turn, exquisite - switch 1/2 strong - side aerial to stuck full - better than that time she got a 10.

Mable and Nordquist nail beam to put the pressure on Denver and Missouri.

Florida just OK today but doing well enough - Caquatto is hitting -

Alabama is getting ALL THE SCORES on floor, pulling away comfortably.
Hit floor from Brianna Brown, some low chest but what the team desperately needed.

48.925 for Boise State on beam. Final 195.9750.

Cal needs 49.025 on bars to pass Boise State. Kentucky would need 49.225 on beam to do the same.
Minnesota finishes 196.175. Denver needs 49.250 on bars to pass. Missouri needs 49.325 on beam.

Auburn working against a beam mistake in the fina couple spots. Michigan needs some big 9.9s from the big three on floor now.

I would say advantage Cal there. Minnesota and Denver is going to be CLOSE. Nicole Artz just hit a critical routine for 9.875 following a 9.850 for Karas. Not qwhat they want, but they're a Chiarelli hit away from being in this.

Atkinson on beam to save Auburn's beam rotation, phew, but three counting 9.7s doesn't help. Everyone struggling a little in this regional except EMU.

Chiarelli's 1.5 to layout to front is fab - solid psoitions on switch side to popa - this camera angle emphasized the indistinct finishing position, though.Sticks double pike, slightly low chest. 9.900.

Michigan is in 4th after two. Still definitely in striking distance, but I said in the preview that Michigan NEEDED a lead after three rotations. That hasn't so much happened.

Cal on bars now. Good tkatchev to overshoot - small step on DLO from Richardson. 9.775. That's just short of pace but an OK start. Kentcuky goes 9.850 in first beam routine. Exactly what was needed.

9.700 on bars for Denver doesn't help too much int he first spot.
Menhinick next - hits her shap but very short on a few handstands - step forward on DLO. Takara with a stick for Cal.

9.850 for Takara. 9.625 for Menhinick.
Seilnacht falls on bars! 
This is emotionally draining!

Addison of Denver comes in a bit short on her DLO off bars with a hop forward. Denver not getting the routines to pass Minnesota so far. Missouri getting stuck in the 9.7s early as well. Great dismount stick from Miller.

Stuart looking solid on beam so far - sticks 1.5. They must drop Roemmele's 96, and that will help.

Howe UB - strong tkatchev - good handstands - smal leg break on pak - good finish position on full turn and a stuck double tuck - nice -

9.875 for Howe. Two routines left to get this thing. Waltz on beam - three series to loso is excellent. Switch to back tuck is strong - sticks 1.5. Kentucky NAILING beam so far you guys. 

Williams on UB - shap is strong - bail is wonderfully vertical - legs together - STICKS tuck full. Kentucky and Cal both nailing this one so well. Alabama closes.

Denver will not pass Minnesota.

Cal needs a hit from Sternberg - good toe on - hits tkatchev - short on next handstand - hits bail - some short hs but otherwise fine - step back on double tuck - that will be enough to pass Boise State - let's watch Kentucky.

Kentucky cannot pass Cal. A 195.925 will qualify Cal to nationals.

Missouri cannot pass Minnesota now. It will be Cal and Minnesota going through.

Fantastick finish from Hyland for Kentucky, and a great beam rotation for Kentcuky, just left too much work to do after bars.


Nina McGee and Morgan Porter qualify as AAers - Meaghan Sievers goes for vault.

Stanford had a fall from D McNair on bars, but everyone else is getting 9.9s. Making it tough on a Michigan team that didn't get the necessary vault scores. Lots of 9.850s. No big 9.950 for Karas.

We're not really seeing the right routines in this Michigan regional.

Stanford 49.500 on bars. 9.975 for Price. Stanford WELL ahead of Michigan now. Stanford going to beam in the next rotation.

Introductions about to get started in our final regional in Utah.

Auburn had a bit of a tepid beam and will need to pull this thing together on floor to stay ahead of Michigan. The beam fall is the biggest issue for Michigan in this meet, obviously, but just as important have been the unexpected 49.1s on vault and floor. Beam is beam, but those scores should have been much higher.

And of course, there's still Eastern Michigan.

Short break before one more big push to the conclusion of this one and to the SLC regional, which really short be straightforward, but it's the last one so let's hope it's not.

UNH has been out of this one, but sadly did not have the beam rotation the early season led us to expect.

Stanford will finish during this rotation, setting the standard that Auburn, Michigan, and EMU? will be chasing.

Just two meets left to follow. It's so luxurious and calm. I'm going to have the beam feed open for the Utah meet because that UCLA beam rotation will dictate where a lot of this is going.

No team has had a statement floor score so far in the Michigan regional, so if Auburn can go 49.300ish, that would make things look much smoother heading to vault.

Touch warmup over in Utah.

Gerber - BB - good wolf turn - solid walkover to beat jump - smooth loso series - hit.
N McNair on beam - good full turn - precise side aerial - very good 180 on dance elements but a bend forward adjustment after her straddle which will take the score down - small hop on 1.5. 9.850 in spite of the rather distinct wobble.  

Vault fall for Penn State.
9.875 on bars for Rubin of EMU - very precise pak and handstands -

Rice  - BB - smooth full turn - a bit squatty on kickover front but secure -
Meraz - BB - both hit simultaneous loso series - good switch half and straddle 1/4 - hop forward on 1.5.

Eastern Michigan is continuing to bring it on bars, buty Auburn is getting those early floor 9.8s. Great DLO front Rott.  Travels on the stag out of her middle pass but good form. Slight lack of control on final pass but slight.
Shapiro - BB - very strong loso series, secure - wonderful split positions - wobble on full turn - small adjustment on dismount. Three solid hits so far for UCLA on beam. 

Valentin - UB - EMU - quiver in the legs on her full turn - good bail, legs together - tkatchev is slightly flat but fine - hop forward on full out.

EMU goes 49.200 on bars. Nothing wrong with that. Well ahead of Michigan, but beam left.

Price - BB - strong walkover - bhs lo 2ft is secure, bhs legs could be more extended - fine full turn - great splits - short on double pike dismount, stagger forward -

Stanford cruising through beam to a solid total based on what the other teams have done today. Auburn getting the necessary floor scores.

Beam judging has been quite tight on UCLA but they're getting hits.

Chuang - BB - solid loso series - good switch and stag -  larger wobble on side aerial - sticks gainer full, legs apart.

Stanford and Auburn are conspiring to make it near-impossible for Michigan at this point.

Sophina has a break on her kickover front but stays on - 

UCLA not doing well on a crucial event so far. Well, not that. Doing well but not getting big scores. Some pressure on.
Francis - BB lovely walkover to bhs but with that slight bed adjustment she has been doing - switch and split are excellent - y spin is solid - dismount: stuck and good chest position this time as well - strong one, will finally bring UCLA into the 9.9s.

We've seen the last second of most of the Auburn beam routines, but they look good?

196.525 final for Stanford. Michigan would need a 49.725 to catch. So...no. Auburn should go ahead of Stanford with a normal vault rotation. EMU would need magical beam to do it. 49.375 is the beam score it would take EMU to go ahead of Stanford.

Washington will be ahead of UCLA after one rotation.

Washington 49.200, UCLA 49.050. Well now. Well.

I love when meets show highlights of the previous rotation, and they're seriously the worst skills anyone did in the whole rotation.

Good vault from Krippner for Auburn - that's on track.

Christopherson - UB - nice tkatchev - clean bail - holds the full turn position, slow - sticks double back.

I guess a Utah gymnast finished, because my ears just broke.
If it helps, Michigan is destroying this bars rotation.Even though it doesn't.

Lewis - UB - solid tkatchev - hits vertical in that bail - sticks DLO - strong.
Demers sticks yfull, more the score Auburn needed -

Judges going to work for Michigan. 9.950 for Williams.

Atkinson needs a 9.850 on vault to tie Stanford. 9.875 to go ahead.
She gets 9.850. Auburn and Stanford are tied.

Karas - UB - great pak, high and legs together - sticks DLO - the best bars routine I've ever seen her do. 9.950. Really going to work. Could Michigan do this thing, you guys?

ALL THE 9.950s. Same for Brown. Can't even.

YOU GUYS. If Artz gets a 10.00, Michigan will tie Auburn and Stanford.

Artz - UB - fantastic piked jaerger to overshoot - hitting handstands - very precise - sticks DLO. This could do it the way these scores have been going.
Nope. 9.950 for Artz. Michigan will come in .050 low.

Auburn and Stanford will advance, unless EMU goes REALLY crazy here. The judges tried, Michigan, the judges tried, but they just couldn't. Michigan really did nail that bars rotation.

Judging by the cheers I heard during the during Utah's bars rotation, they're getting an a million, which they basically are.

EMU solid on beam, but it won't be enough. Amazing showing, but it will be 4th place for Eastern Michigan after all. 

Don't worry, there will just be 1500 individual floor qualifiers from the Michigan regionals - Chiarelli, Slocum, Tsang, and Offutt, all for floor.

Washington 49.000 on vault. UCLA needs 49.175 on floor to go ahead. Which is...easy? Right?

Interesting rotation coming up. Utah to AHHHBEAM and UCLA to floor, where a huge score is pretty necessary after that meh beam number.

This woman on the floor feed has been showing the Utah U for like 78 hours.
"Show your school's hand sign." Hmmm, which school might you be talking about.

OK here we go now.

Partyka - BB - split jump and straddle 1/4, bith short of 180, which is very clear from this camera angle - solid side aerial - hits loso series no wobble - two switches series looks OK - sitckish, hop together on 1.5. Solid start. I see a judge giving 9.950, with those opening leaps. LOOOL.The rest go 9.850, which is about right.
Ohashi - FX - very low chest on final double pike but looked like a solid hit.

Delaney - BB -minor check on loso series - foot adjustment on standing loso but good control - near-stick and then step salute on gainer full - (do we say that's a stick? Probably.) Solid. Good one for her. Less tentative than sometimes.

Good control on opening double tuck from Preston - very very squatty on double pike - that will bring the score down a bit.

Hughes - BB - wobble on loso series but stays on - could be more extended in the legs in bhs skills - solid on split jump and split 3/4 - side aerial to stuck full. They're getting the job done on beam so far. Small errors from all, but they can afford small errors today.

Francis - FX - whip through to double back, small slide this time but chest position was better - keeps control on that 2.5, though that step always does look a little jarring - chest down on double pike but secure.

Slight balance swim from Lopez on opening dance combo, but slight - solid loso series - good full turn - secure kickover front - wobble on straddle 1/2, leg goes up, straddle position did look very nice - strong 2/1 dismount, good direction and stuck.

No Sophina on floor again. She didn't warm up floor yesterday. Honest's middle pass a bit lacking in control, but a minor adjustment - strong landing on double tuck, good security.

Rowe - BB - secure on early splits - hits loso series, but those legs in those bhs are giving me the sweats - strong on kickover front - hop forward on 1.5. They have 5 usable hits. Job basically done for Utah at this point.

Oh buffering during the phone portion of Cipra's floor. What a shame....

Very strong middle pass - and I do love the choreo before the final pass, once the phone part ends - very squatty on double pike. She has suddenly been struggling with that dismount at the end of the year.

Stover going on beam, good situation for her coming back after missing some time in a no-pressure scenario - a bit of an adjustment bend after a split jump, which is unlike her, but otherwise it's strong. Hop back on gainer full.

UCLA will be ahead of Washington after this rotation but can get a real cushion with a big Bynum hit. Great DLO, chest up and controlled, that skill gets better and better - secure on the double tuck side pass as well - that split still kills me, but the rest has been quite nice - double back. Should be their best score.

49.400 on floor for UCLA.
Halfway: Utah 98.575, UCLA 98.450, Washington 98.200, Southern Utah 97.775, Illinois 97.550, Utah State 97.400

About how it seemed like this would play out, though UCLA is surely closer to Washington than they would have hoped after their good events and with Washington still going to the good events. UCLA still needs one of those days when Hall's vault doesn't scare us all for out lives.

Rotation Lauren Rice with UCLA was really a perfect decision, whoever did that...well done.

UCLA to vault, Washington to bars, Utah State to beam, Illinois to floor.
We're getting close to being done! Almost there!

Strong distance from Cipra on vault, a bit squatty on the landing and the usual bounce back.
The small speck that I assume is Goings is hitting bars, step back on tuck full. Must have missed something. 9.6s.

A blur shot through the vaulting frame exactly horizontally and then hopped back, so that was probably fine.
Lovely handstands from Burleson - a little late on giant full and close to bar on double back but strong stick.

Pua squats and lunges forward on that vault, but I guess that counts as one of her good ones?

nesis - UB - mucscles a bit in opening handstands - late on half turn - solid jaeger into overshoot - short hs - short on DLO with a lunge forward. A struggle one.

Schaefer - UB - flat tkatchev but caught - a bit loose in the back on a few of these handstands, but hitting vertical, sticks DLO, best so far.

So these UCLA vault scores aren't great. But these Washington bars scores are worse.

Bynum dances forward on that arabian. Probably counts as a couple steps.
Northey hits piked jaerger - good line - one short hs - totally flings out her tuck full with a step forward - that dismount is usually stronger but will take down the score a bit this time, which they could not afford.

Missed Preston's vault but looks like a 9.900. There certainly was a lot of cheering.

The bars judges' theme for today is NONE FOR WASHINGTON.Duranczyk finishes with a high DLO, slightly awkward landing but just a small step back.

UCLA will have a .750 lead on Washington with one event to go for each, and that's probably the closest thing we have to a race here since it looks like Utah is running away with it, unless some kind of weird floor problem arises.
Illinois and Southern Utah are already down in the 48s for their rotations so far.

For the AA spots, Ramirez and Northey are still looking solid for the two so far. Buchanan has a couple 9.7s. Lauren Rice may also still be in this thing depending on bars.

Illinois jumps ahead of Washington suddenly after a 9.950 for Leduc on floor. Sadly, Illinois still has to vault.

Utah to floor, Southern Utah to bars, Washington to beam, Illinois to vault.

OK, I'm getting burnst out. Is there a ff button on this meet?

Phew, that insufferably lengthy 4.5-hour warmup is finally over.
Rowe is on floor, Rose on beam.

Rowe - FX -secure double pike - split 1.5 is mostly around - solid 2/1 to loso - 1.5 to layout with a bit of a lunge.
good switch split from Rose - secure side aerial - side aerial to a loose-kneed layout full - stuck -

Merrell is hitting her efficient little twisting-fest on floor.
Burleson on beam - always looks like she's going to spliter into toothpicks when she lands an acro series but it's hit - a bend correction here and there - great switch and straddle 1/4, excellent extension - side aerial to full with two steps back.

Lewis to floor - awkward landing on double pike, lunges back out of it and her plant leg lifts - very strong layout to front full - excellent extension in straddles - bounces back on double tuck as well. Wish we had seen the full in from her because she has the power for it.

Washington getting 9.800ed on beam. Southern Utah getting 9.7ed on bars.

Secure landing on opening pass from partyka - strong double tuck as well -
small bend correction from Duranczyk on her series - a couple moments, but sticks her 1.5.
Partyka gave up her huge score on the final pass with a pretty large bounce out.

Schwab on FX now - a bit too much of a lunge back out of that double pike, uncontrolled - 1.5 to layout is pretty, but she needs to plant that back leg to make the landings look more controlled - great straddle elements - small stagger on final pass. She was nailing these passes in January.
Large break for Goings on beam on her series, bends at the waist -

Washington will need to drop Goings. Northey now - strong full turn - bend on straddle 3/4 - good loso series, solid - secure kickover front to beat jump - sticks 1.5. Good way to end a rotation that ultimately won't put enough pressure on UCLA, heading to bars.

Hughes does Hughes things on floor it appeared, slides back on double tuck.

Washington will finish 195.825.

Looks like UCLA is going to need about a 48.275 on bars to get the second spot here, perhaps more depending on what SUU does on beam, so if that doesn't happen, that will be slightly embarrassing.

Northey's 39.275 is in ahead of Buchanan's 39.225 in the AA for the moment. Still waiting on Ramirez and Rice to finish.

Oh, we've started the last rotation? Sorry, I passed out there for a while. Utah did a good? Probably?

Francis - UB - strong shap to bail combo - great ampltiude on shoot as usual, pretty good finish on full turn, hop back on double pike.

Good height from Lopez on her full, medium hop back.

Meraz's bail was a mess and she falls. Is the meet alive yet?

Bounce back from Partyka as well. Fine, but they'll need to hone these landings for two weeks from now. Not as secure as Pac12s so far.

Now Savvidou is in a bit of a pressure situation for UCLA, so this should get interesting.

Good distance from Lewis, less of a step, just a minor hop.

Savvidou fingertip catch on that jaeger, and then arches and overbalances a handstand - somehow stays on the bars, but this thing is getting pretty interesting now. Is UCLA having a last-ditch meltdown?

OK vault from Hughes, but bounces up out of it this time. Utah's landings are as over it as we all feel right now at the end of this regionals day.

Savvidou gets 9.375 after that catastrophe, which will have to count.

PENG?????? LOOK WHO'S PENGING TO SAVE THE DAY! Nails bhardwaj, nails shap half, sticks DLO.

Peng's first routine in forever. Casual 9.950. NBD.

Utah finishes 197.125. On a normal day, we would be worried about that score. In this meet, it's basically a 199.

Honest - UB - hits tkachev - WAY artches hs but hols onto it - hits straddle back - flings out tuck full as always, step back. They can probably afford it as long as Sophina hits, but christ UCLA what is this...

I see a 9.750 and a 9.800 for Honest, so she somehow manages to get real scores, even when she has errors like the arched hs.

Sophina gienger - Sophina legs but fine - hits bail back up to high, small slide back on tuck full dismount, one of her good-chest days. That will be enough, but not without several heart attacks and far too many uninspiring routines. Except Peng. There's always Peng.

39.400 for Ramirez. But SUU is counting a fall on beam.

Lauren Rice - nice Khorkina - a short handstand in there - good tuck full with a small hop forward, connected directly to Miss Val shoving her in the trunk and trying to keep her for next year.

196.375 for UCLA. Uh....it's enough? So there's that?

And....now that we know who's going...I'm done and broken! Thanks for staying with it and hanging in there.

Final thought: Oh, Michigan. 


  1. Word on the street is Kevin Copp is commentating the Athens Regional. Woohoo!

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  4. The start of the meet better be delayed and we better not be missing Brandie Jay on beam!

  5. Just guessing that the entire meet started at 4pm which means we got six teams to march in, announce and then the National Anthem. SEC network doesn't show the premeet bells and whistles.

  6. yea it looks like they haven't even started yet.

  7. Kevin Copp's twitter says he's on the air with Cat Hires at 1:15PT -- so maybe the meet doesn't start until 1:15?!?!

  8. I think they just wanted to throw off BBS nice viewing chart timeline.

  9. But then the whole timetable is going to be messed up!

  10. Teams are still marching in. George Washington posted video of the gymnasts marching in wearing glow-stick sneakers.

  11. Cat Hires? She was a good gymnast but her commentating skills are blergh! Megan Walker from Auburn is one of the best commentators when schools do their own broadcast

    1. I agree about Megan Walker, but I don't mind Hires and I think Copp is one of the best out there. I would prefer to see him on ESPN than some of the other commentators.

    2. Such as Jim Watson? Lol I can't with Jim. He irritates me like Al trautwig

    3. But I do realize that that sounded really harsh about Cat. It it's just because I was Bart and Kathy to commentate my life.

    4. And she has hit 86 out of 93 routines this season and she has score 9.8 or above 24 times out of 45 and she has granola for breakfast 98 times out of 99 times before a meet!!!

      I hate Jim Watson too. We get it, you have all the stats in front of you. Just.. shush!

  12. Why are they showing MSU and WVU instead of UGA and OSU? Let's not act like MSU or WVU will qualify.

  13. Cat sounds like she about to cry after Vaculick's fall.

  14. Babalis always makes me so nervous. I hope she really focuses on beam in the offseason.

    1. I have a mini heart attack every time she is on beam.

  15. Oh, judges. Do you your job on beam. That should NOT have been above 9.5 for Babalis, much less a 9.675.

  16. I'm happy they aren't showing Georgia on beam right now...let my heart rate go down a little...

  17. MSU last vault was actually Anna Gamelo.

  18. It never fails to warm my cold dead heart to see the teams cheering on the individuals.

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  20. Props to Sisler for using Metallica for her floor music

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  22. Is that Gopher link actually playing video for anyone?

  23. nvm according to gator gymnastics twitter page video will start as soon as soon as the competition begins

  24. Replies
    1. Smart idea. They don't need her to win this meet, and it's a good idea to let her rest her back

    2. Is the live scoring for the Tuscaloosa link working?

  25. and now MN is tweeting that they are working on resolving "technical difficulties" with the stream....

  26. Did Hires just say Gnat's nickname is Bugs because she's tiny??

    1. Yep she said it. Guess she doesn't realize that a gnat is a bug lol

  27. Scoring at Athens regional has been very tight.

  28. Wonder what the heck is up with the wide range in SVs Denver is reporting on beam??

  29. Is Sydney Snead hurt? She hasn't competed on FX or VT.

    1. If so, that will not help if they want to make Super Six. The backups for her on vault and bars score much lower. Hopefully its not too serious, because they will need her badly next season

    2. Kevin confirmed it when he said Johnson wasn't in the lineup this morning until there were "some injuries" for Georgia. What a shame. No bueno

  30. Mable got a 9.400 on FX - If Minnesota fails to qualify to Nationals, Mable might not make it in the AA. :(

  31. Anyone have a link for the Tuscaloosa scores?

  32. Cal women's gym twitter posted full scores after first rotation; Bama has only posted their own so far; I'm going to leave that window open, too.
    https://twitter.com/calwgym/status/716381839246671872 (first rotation scores)

  33. yea yikes for florida on bars. sloan only got a 9.8 which is the lowest score i have ever seen her get. No one got above a 9.875. they hit us hard there

    1. I feel like that scoring was a personal attack

    2. like "no more winning" haha

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  35. Any idea what happened to Florida on bars? Judges actually judging, or harsh?

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  38. I have no idea what device to look at -- I feel like as I'm watching the UGA feed, I miss something in Michigan. If I'm watching Michigan, I miss something in Minnesota.

    1. Oh Michigan feed is showing barely anything. Kinda mad I switched from the UGA feed. Like every time Stanford starts a routine, they move the camera away from them. This feed is frustrating

  39. Michigan having technical difficulties with scores? Showing only a couple of scores to the arena.

  40. Oklahoma be like: "Y'all can have your drama. We'll be over here hitting our routines."

  41. Stanford not having their best day on floor. They'll be counting two scores with out of bounds deductions after fall from Spector.

  42. yea not seeing any team who can compete with ou.

  43. Last year UF at regionals UF opened with a 49.125 on bars and a 49.325 on beam -- virtually identical to scores tonight. They are usually jittery at regionals. Don't know why.

  44. On Athens feed instead of showing Rogers or bars or Gnat on vault you show some no name girl from Arizona almost fall on beam.

  45. I'm very happy with the nationals qualifiers out of Athens. Love that Risa qualifies!

    If, four years ago, someone would have said Brandie Jay was going to be a regional UB champion, I would have laughed. Way to go Brandie Jay! She has improved so much in four years.

  46. Where the heck is Kiara Brown for Penn State?

    1. She injured herself at the Big 5 qualifier meet, but I expected to her compete UB like she did at Big Tens.

    2. She is sick. She didn't even travel with the team this weekend.

  47. Am I the only going nuts with too many video feeds?

    1. No! I keep flipping back and forth between Oklahoma and Florida and I have all the live scores on my phone!

    2. Oh i think I'm about to give up with these regional feeds. Too many going on at once and the feeds themself aren't great

    3. Maybe the Utah main feed will be alright in an hour.

    4. Hopefully. This is why I never normally watch regionals. I'd forgotten most of the feeds are usually sketchy

  48. Baker and Sloan must have gone OOB. Both score below 9.8.

  49. Florida 49.075 on floor. Ouch.

  50. I am not a homer Gator fan, but after watching all the Denver FX routines and then Florida's, there is no explaining this scoring. No way they were .2 better on FX unless I missed a bunch of out of bounds passes. REALLY impressed with Minnesota on beam, the last two performers were exquisite.

  51. Sloan was out of bounds, and it looks like Baker's start value might have been goofy, because the score range is kinda wacked out.

    Florida is actually being judged today, and I guess the Florida fans don't like that. Oh, well. You're still gonna win the regional and make Super Six.

    1. Florida didn't get a single floor score above a 9.85. They didn't perform their best. Had they been "on" today their scoring would have been closer to normal like 9.9s for the higher scorers.

  52. I thought the Ann Arbor regional would be close, but holy cow. Nine tenths separate all six teams at the half way point, with Auburn and EMU TIED for first. I'm not cheering for EMU.

  53. Florida is phoning this meet in. They are lucky that Denver and Minnesota also had some struggles today.

  54. Why was Amanda Cheney in for Kennedy Baker on vault? Did Baker get hurt on floor?

  55. Baker may have hurt herself on floor. They took her out of the VT lineup.

  56. So far no big upsets. The only real surprise is how lackluster some of these teams look. Oklahoma and LSU have to be feeling pretty good about themselves right now (and UGA and Bama).

  57. Anyone know what happened to Janae Janik from UW? She was pretty consistent on beam and bars and disappeared.

    1. I believe she's injured and they said she would be out for the year.

  58. This Michigan UB lineup is awesome. Maybe the best 1-6 routines I've seen on any event this year. It's too bad they started the meet slow.

  59. Michigan. I can't believe they so nearly pulled it back! Heartbreaking.

  60. I was impressed by EMU, Kentucky, Missouri, and Arizona today. They fought through the entire meets and had some great individual performances.

  61. I was hoping for a three way tie with AUB, MICH, and STAN. Auburn and Michigan would have advanced, because Stanford had two falls that would have counted had they had to go to the tiebreaker.

    1. Yeah, me too. If it weren't for MJ Rott and E Price's VT and UB scores, I think pretty much the whole team would have gone as specialists!

    2. Yes, 7 of the 9 who competed would have gone as AA or event specialists!

  62. yea that had to have been the worst "consistent' meet for florida this year. I'm just glad we made it through but we need to dial it in at nationals. I hope kennedy is ok since we will need her vault and floor routines.

    I don't know what is going on with Sloan but someone needs to get inside her head.

    1. Sloan needs to drop the ego and change her first floor pass, yes she can do it, but not well.

    2. I don't really see an ego issue with her. I maintain that it's the fact that she's gone through so much in the past year. With Rhonda Faehn leaving, the debacle with her club coach Marvin Sharpe, and having to come to terms with this being her last year of doing gymnastics. Any one of those things would mess someone up mentally. I think she needs a sports psychologist maybe.

    3. well she doesn't have much time left so that imo wouldn't help. She should have gotten one like three meets in. haha. she is so either really off or really on. There is like no decent meet for her. Honestly and i hate to say this and i probably shouldn't but at least on beam and floor i really won't miss her for those events. She is has been very hot and cold on beam and she keeps stepping out of bounds on floors and she hadn't done that since her freshman year. Its been driving me crazy and i can imagine its the same feeling for her.

    4. I would miss her on both events, but that's mostly because I really want her to get past her mental block for her final routines in her career. But yea, she DEFINITELY needed to see that sports psychologist early on.

    5. Sloan begged to do the pass and has proven she cannot compete it consistently, regardless of the issue that is making her inconsistent; whoever is keeping that pass in could lose a podium finish for Florida at Nationals. If she's not the best or most consistent she shouldn't be competing just because she's Sloan.

    6. i agree. we need her to be at her best at nationals but i just don't know if its too late to go back since she had been doing this pass all year.

  63. How do they break the tie between Brianna Brown (UM) and Briannah Tsang (PSU) for the second AA spot from the Michigan regional? (Artz gets the first one; there were also a bunch of people tied for 1st on FX - I think they all go - in addition to those on advancing teams, there's Chiarelli, Slocum (EMU), Tsang if she doesn't get the AA nod, & Offutt (Pitt), but no specialists on other events).

    1. They all advance. No tiebreaker with AA and events.

    2. AA tie is broken by highest event score (9.95 in bars for Brown) so Tsang did not qualify to AA. Event ties are not broken, so all of them qualified for floor finals.

  64. Beam scoring sure loosened up between UCLA and Utah. That's one thing that concerned me about this rotation schedule for UCLA. Starting on beam would not be a problem for them, but to have tight scoring on their comparatively-best event is definitely not ideal!

    1. True. But the same could be said about bars. Utah started on bars and scoring was pretty fair, but the time UCLA got there the scores were going a little bit high. Honest's score? I also thought Peng had two short handstands and she still went 9.95, which I'll forgive because it's Peng.

    2. Don't forget Savvidou's stop/extra swing and scrunched handstand still earned a 9.375 and Honest had a way overarched handstand and got a 9.8. There were major gifts, just after Washington got hammered on UB.

  65. Wondering what Schwab/Leduc's floor music is?